Ultraviolet disinfection lamp in fruits and vegetables in the field of application

by:Tepro     2020-03-21
In recent years our country transportation and fresh fruits and vegetables storage technology are obtained the rapid development. In order to keep the fruit and vegetable storage time longer, the current domestic have begun to use ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and AORODO ozone equipment such as equipment for fruit and vegetable for special treatment. AORODO ozone sterilization is mainly used in the food processing workshop, ultraviolet disinfection lamp main workshop of disinfection. Need absolute guarantee of the disinfectant sanitation of the workshop to ensure food safety, suggested that companies using combined disinfection mode. The production workshop workers after work every day with ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and AORODO ozone disinfection at the same time, to kill and surface bacteria in the environment; After workers to work during the day, use NICOLER dynamic disinfection technology continues to destroy environment pollution, so the operation can efficiently kill planktonic bacteria and settlement of bacteria in the air, to keep the production workshop is very high cleanliness. Reasonable application of combined type air disinfection method, can maximize prevent biological hazards. Ozone disinfection equipment in cold storage mechanism has three aspects: one is to kill microbes, disinfection sterilization; The second is to make all kinds of smelly organic and inorganic oxidation deodorization; Three is the product of metabolism by oxidation, so as to inhibit the metabolism process, with good quality and fresh. Ozone instantaneous sterilization, the speed, has excellent function for fruits and vegetables, inhibit the growth of fruits and vegetables the metabolism and pathogenic bacteria spread, delayed the senescence of fruits and vegetables after practice, promoting wound healing, strengthen the disease resistance, prevent to rot, preservation, eliminate peculiar smell, extend the storage time and the effect of expanding the scope of the outbound. It is reported by ozone disinfection established the enterprise research and development of Shanghai Kang Jiu AORODO air series equipment, sterilization effect in fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping storage plays an important role. It can reduce the incidence of fungal diseases, reduce the rotting fruit and vegetable, to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables fruits and vegetables in the process of storage, itself can release ethylene or carbonate gas and the gas is a fruit and vegetable physiological changes, the fruit thin mature early, the root cause of ageing that rot. To eliminate the above fruits and vegetables from ethylene and carbonic acid gas influence on fruits and vegetables, such as the use of preservatives, though there are many, but in the manner of ethylene to remove, classified as represented by activated carbon adsorption and represented by potassium permanganate oxidation decomposition type two kinds big. Although the former high removing rate, adsorption saturation after failure, and even the risk of stripping; Aiming at removing the slow and the latter effect is not obvious shortcomings, technology of ozone and uv lamp stand out.
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