Ultraviolet disinfection for the difference between traditional disinfection method

by:Tepro     2020-03-20
Over the past twenty years, people to a lot of research of liquid chlorine, ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp found using chlorination exist some shortcomings and the insufficiency: chloride react with some organic and inorganic components in sewage, generates a series of stable chlorine compounds, most of its harmful to human health, some chlorine compounds have carcinogenicity. Especially in a high concentration of chlorine and sewage from direct response, high concentration of organic pollutants concentration of chlorination by-products generated will be higher. In addition, chlorine and ammonia in wastewater reaction ammonia chloride, reduced from surface disinfection efficacy, chlorine and ammonia after discharged into water body can produce toxic to fish. Chloride dissolved in water to generate hypochlorous acid and hypochlorous acid root, hypochlorous acid root OC1 a while is also available chlorine with sterilization ability, but because of hypochlorous acid root negatively charged, is difficult to close to the negatively charged surface of the bacteria, sterilization ability than hypochlorite HOC1 worse. Chlorine dioxide of bacterial cell walls have strong ability of adsorption and penetration, thereby effectively destroy bacteria containing sulphur enzyme, it can quickly control the microbial protein synthesis, so it's ability to inactivate viruses, bacteria, have very strong. Using chlorine dioxide disinfection, water will exist chlorous acid root, potentially harmful to human body health. And information, according to the clo2 cast high light also can produce certain mutagenic objects. Due to generate chlorine dioxide need special reaction system, a lot of sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid ( 2NaCLO3+4HCL=2NaCL+CL2+H2O,5NaCLO2+4HCL=4CLO2+5NACL+2H2O) It is not hard to see from the generated process, chlorine dioxide on the single from the raw material consumption, more than 10 times the chlorine, so, from the consideration on the cost, chlorine dioxide is not the best choice. Ultraviolet sterilization disinfectant chlorine dioxide is the latest development in the eighty s powerful disinfectant, it does not react with water solubility is chlorine end times, dissolved in the water is pure state, water will not effect the organic chloride and organic matter, it also with ammonia, phenol reaction. Ultraviolet disinfection law with dosing chemicals, increase water odor, does not produce toxic or harmful by-products, is not affected by water temperature and pH value, covers an area of small, disinfection speed, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient for operation and management and automation etc. , is widely applied in nearly 2 o years gradually. Ultraviolet sterilization wastewater disinfection method is the most commonly used liquid chlorine, ozone and chlorine dioxide is briefly as follows: chlorine disinfection mainly by hypochlorite HOC1 spread to negatively charged surface of the bacteria, bacterial cells and to penetrate into the cells. When arrive HOC1 molecules within the bacterial oxidation to destroy bacteria enzyme system and make the bacterial death. Chloride as a kind of strong oxidizer, due to its sterilization ability is strong, is the most widely used disinfectant. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp according to hypochlorous acid dissociation equilibrium constant calculation shows that hypochlorite HOC1 and hypochlorite OC1 ratio depends on the temperature and pH value. High pH, hypochlorous acid root ocx one more: low pH, hypochlorite HOC1 more. Thus it can be seen in the wastewater at high pH in disinfection efficacy. Chlorine gas is a kind of toxic gas, has strong excitant in transportation and easy leakage and explosion in use process, transportation, use and storage so chlorine must strictly abide by the relevant provisions. Accident chlorine leak would provide a major threat to the environment and personnel, and even disaster, chlorine gas leakage accident often happens in recent years, people's lives and property caused heavy losses.
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