Ultraviolet disinfection application range

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Ultraviolet radiation sterilization is a traditional and effective disinfection method, in the hospital, food factory, water treatment and so on have been widely used, but in use process is affected by many factors, especially the tube radiation intensity is low and improper application can affect disinfection sterilization effect. 1. Surface disinfection disinfection family ground, desktop, mesa, available ultraviolet lamp irradiation directly. Mounted on the uv light reflex reflector on the strong, the lamp power is no less than 2 watts per square meter, lamp mesa height distance should be not more than 120 - - - - - - - 150 cm. Ultraviolet irradiation effective area for tube diameter around 1. 5 - 2 meters. Disinfection of mesa clean and smooth surface, such as the surface all the light to kill effect is good. 2. The disinfection of water with uv light disinfectant is required. Water must be clean and transparent, turbid water directly affect the ultraviolet sterilization, and therefore require water colorless and particles can achieve good disinfection effect. In the drinking water disinfection with ultraviolet lamp, don't put the tubes soak in the water, the depth of the water not more than 2 cm, make the water flow out of date to accept 90000 microwatt seconds per square centimeter or more exposure dose can achieve effective disinfection. General drinking water requirements to kill rate was 99%. 3. Air disinfection ultraviolet lamp is mainly used in the family room, hospital and laboratory air disinfection, reduce the number of bacteria in the air. A 30 watts of ultraviolet light can illuminate the ground of 9 square meters area, according to the size of the ground area can be calculated to ultraviolet lamp wattage or number. Lights in 2 - off the ground 2. 5 meters high, illuminate indoors the upper air, due to air flow and diffusion, can make whole room air disinfection.
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