Ultraviolet disinfection advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Tepro     2020-03-31
Antivirus mechanism of uv light sterilizer is through to the microorganism ( Pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spores) Radiation damage and destroy the function of the nucleic acid kill microorganisms, thus achieve the purpose of disinfection. Ultraviolet (uv) on the function of nucleic acids can lead to the key and chain rupture, crosslinking and photochemical products, etc. , between stocks which changed the biological activity of DNA, the microbe itself cannot be copied, this uv damage is also fatal injuries. Advantages usually ultraviolet disinfection can be used in chlorine and hypochlorite supply difficult areas and water treatment of chlorine disinfection by-products have strict limits on occasion. Generally think that when the water temperature is low economical use ultraviolet disinfection. The advantages of ultraviolet disinfection: not to introduce impurities in water, water to a constant, the physicochemical properties of The chemical composition of water ( Such as chlorine content) General and temperature changes will not affect disinfection effect; Don't add another the smell and taste in the water, do not produce such as trihalomethanes class disinfection by-products; Sterilization is wide and rapid, short processing time, under a certain radiation intensity, generally only ten seconds to kill pathogenic microorganisms, can kill some chlorine disinfection method cannot inactivated bacteria, also can to a certain extent, control of higher aquatic organisms such as algae and red worms, etc. ; Excessive processing general won't produce quality problem; The integration of equipment simple structure, easy installation, small and light, head loss is very small, less land; Easy to operate and manage, easy to realize automation, design a good system of equipment operation maintenance workload less; Operation management is safe, other basic did not use, transporting and storing chemicals may lead to highly toxic, flammable, explosive and corrosive security hidden danger; Disinfection system in addition to water pump must run, there is no other sources. Faults spores, cysts, and virus is higher than autotrophic bacteria tolerance; Water must be carried out before treatment, because ultraviolet light will be absorbed by the many substances in the water, such as phenolic compounds, aromatic compounds, organic matter, some biological, inorganic, and turbidity; No continuous disinfection capability, and may the light of the microbial resurrection problems, had better use in the treatment of the water can immediately use occasions, line no secondary pollution and raw water biological stability better ( General requirements organic matter content less than 10 & mu; g/L) ; Not easy to do in the whole processing uniform space radiation, a light shadow area; Not easy to detect the residual properties, difficult to quickly determine the treatment effect, it is difficult to monitor treatment intensity; Process water is small; The short wavelength ultraviolet ( Less than 200 nm) Exposure may cause nitrate into nitrite, in order to avoid this problem should use special tube materials absorb the range of wavelengths.
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