Types Of Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamps

Types Of Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamps


Classification according to steam pressure:

The ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube is made of quartz glass, and the mercury lamp is divided into three types: low-pressure low-pressure mercury lamp, medium-pressure high-strength mercury lamp and low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamp. The low-pressure mercury vapor mainly produces 254 nm and 185 nm of ultraviolet light, the lamp tube of the sterilization lamp is made of transparent glass or quartz glass, and the ultraviolet rays are transmitted through the lamp tube. The ultraviolet rays at the wavelength of 254 nm are easily absorbed by the object and act on the genetic material DNA of the biological body, The destruction of the DNA causes the death of the bacteria. The ultraviolet and air action at the wavelength of 185 nm may The generation of ozone with strong oxidation can effectively kill bacteria, and the ultraviolet ray can concentrate very high intensity, and can kill bacteria and viruses in a short time.

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Classification according to the content of ozone:

There are two main luminous lines of ultraviolet disinfection lamp: 254nm and 185nm. 254 nm ultraviolet rays kill bacteria by irradiating the DNA of microorganisms. 185nm ultraviolet rays can change 02 in air into O3 (ozone). Ozone has strong oxidation effect and can effectively kill bacteria. The dispersion of ozone can make up for the fact that ultraviolet radiation only travels in a straight line and disinfection has dead angle. When quartz glass is refined, if a sufficient amount of titanium (Ti) element is added, the ultraviolet light passing through it can be cut off below 200nm, but has little effect on the ultraviolet transmission of 254nm. The escape of 185nm ultraviolet can be effectively controlled by properly controlling the amount of titanium added. According to this characteristic, we can make three kinds of ultraviolet sterilization lamp, such as low ozone (no ozone), ozone, high ozone and so on.

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