The working principle of ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is 253. Give priority to the ultraviolet radiation of 7 nm wavelength, it can destroy the virus and the DNA in cells, cause the whole virus and cell death, achieve the goal of sterilizing. 15 w power radiation of ultraviolet germicidal lamp uv for C band, with a strong sterilization effect. Radiation of ultraviolet germicidal lamp uv intensity relative to about 20 times in the summer sky, the uv intensity. Ultraviolet sterilization is through the ultraviolet irradiation damage and changes of microbial DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) Structure, make the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Really have antiseptic effect is UVC ultraviolet ray, because C band ultraviolet ray is very easy be absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially in 253. About 7 nm ultraviolet (uv) light. Note: 1 use ultraviolet germicidal lamp. When using uv germicidal lamp, it is forbidden to direct the body, don't look more ultraviolet light source. Should not be in the case of someone using ultraviolet lamp irradiation continuously. 2. The lamp only direct illuminate one side can achieve disinfection purposes, and not through ultraviolet disinfection is not. So to turn on time, each face can be make a dose of radiation. 3. The indoor air disinfection, 30 w uv germicidal lamp applicable within 30 cubic meters of space. 4. Ultraviolet (uv) light cannot penetrate waste, discharge. Disinfection, the room should be kept clean. Ultraviolet ray also cannot be covered according to the shadows, should be paid attention to while using it. 5. Ultraviolet lamp surface should be often use alcohol sponge wiped gently, remove the dust and oil dirties, to reduce the influence of ultraviolet penetration.
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