The working efficiency of the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp disinfection is introduced

by:Tepro     2020-04-02
of ultraviolet germicidal lamp belongs to physical sterilization method, can have a thorough disinfection purpose on water quality. As industrial development, water pollution is also expanding faster and faster, because people are beginning to high quality life, so for the safety of drinking water is also very seriously, has now become a hot topic, which deal with the water quality of ultraviolet sterilization technology for water treatment has become a very important security. A, uv sterilizer technical requirements 1, ultraviolet germicidal lamp had better choose low voltage apparatus, so as to conform to the requirements of the corresponding products. 2, disinfector in the design must be in accordance with the drawings and technical requirements. 3, working pressure of the pressure cylinder must be greater than zero six million mpa. To maintain the uniform state 4, tube arrangement is best. 5, disinfector lamp lighting instructions shall be available to can look for the intensity of uv irradiation. 6, uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp must be isolated from other accessories, uv transmittance should be greater than eighty-five percent. Second, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp disinfection efficiency ultraviolet sterilization must be enough intensity under the irradiation of in, but also can make the sterilization efficiency of ninety-nine percent or more, do not need too long and sterilization, within a few seconds, but if use the traditional process consumes too long. With the development of economy, ultraviolet germicidal lamp occupy the important position. Uv uv light sterilizer technology can achieve certain deactivation, the biggest advantage is that does not produce secondary pollution, so is widely used in the present.
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