The water consumption of the new LED grow lights is reduced by 95%!

by:Tepro     2021-03-23
-According to foreign media reports, severe drought has depleted rivers and reservoirs in parts of India. It is estimated that more than 500 million people in a country with the second largest population in the world will run out of drinking water by 2030 . This sign is evident in farms that consume most of the total water supply. Farmers in India have been working hard to grow crops because they still rely heavily on rain. Those who are able have turned to growing cowpea and corn. Basically, other crops except rice can use a small amount of water. But most people do not have this condition. In addition, some cities in India are facing another challenge: the level of harmful chemicals used in vegetables has increased significantly over the years. A Hyderabad-based startup will participate in the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield this week, and it believes it has found a solution to these two challenges. Among its many zhongxins in Hyderabad and Bangalore, UrbanKisaan is growing crops. For vertical agriculture, the cujing plant growth lamp has gained a good momentum in some western markets, but it is still a very new concept in India. This model brings a series of benefits. UrbanKisaan co-founder and executive officer Vihari Kanukollu told TechCrunch in an interview that compared with traditional farms, this startup does not use any soil or harmful chemicals to grow crops, and LED plant growth lights reduce water consumption by 100%. 95/95. So in response to this situation, UrbanKisaan sells directly to consumers. Visitors can go through the formalities at UrbanKisaan zhongxin in Hyderabad and Bangalore to purchase a range of vegetables. This start-up company is supported by Y Combinator and popular actresses in South India. It also provides a kit worth about $200. Anyone can buy LED grow lights and grow vegetables in their own homes. Kanukollu, who has a business background, began to explore the idea of u200bu200bUrbanKisaan in 2018, and was frustrated because he couldn't buy fresh farmless yao vegetables for his mother. A scientist who has spent more than 20 years studying agriculture. Both of them have been studying and contacting farmers. Today, UrbanKisaan has more than 30 farms. Kanukollu said that these farms have achieved profitability within a month of using new LED plant growth lights. 'Currently, our sales are growing by an average of 110% per month. In the past 6 months, our average bill value has increased by 10 times.' Monthly income of 150,000 US dollars. This startup has further improved its technology stack in the past few quarters. Kanukollu said that they have reduced the power consumption of LED plant lighting by 50% and reduced the manufacturing cost of LED plant growth lamps per tube by 60%. Kanukollu said that the startup is currently working with five farmers and is trying to find a feasible model to bring it to every farmer. It also develops centralized intelligence on the basis of convolutional neural networks to achieve real-time detection, find more harvestable agricultural products, and detect deficiencies in the farm. UrbanKisaan has raised approximately US$1.5 million and plans to expand its LED grow lights to more major cities in India in the next few quarters.
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