The UV sterilizer working principle and function

by:Tepro     2020-05-07
Using pure water can be cooking, soup, tea, coffee, juice, raw ingredient, adequate nutrients from the food, more suitable for the absorption of human body. In a humidifier or need water for cosmetic use pure water can guarantee that no thermonatrite, better protect your home. Working principle of the UV sterilizer, UV sterilizer on filtering is one of the traditional five filtering technique, first through the PP cotton filter for raw water microprocessor again by the second and third way carbon rod, particle filter adsorption the residual chlorine in the water and compound, and then after ultrafiltration membrane filter further filter, the last line of rear is active carbon adsorption further. The fourth ultrafiltration filter is hollow fiber filter aperture is 0. 01 microns, basically can filter out some microorganism and compound, more conducive to people's physical and mental health. Output to the water to pure water, pure water machine 000 total solid content of impurities. As we go to the supermarket to buy bottled water is the same thing. Nothing but beware of modern water too clean, make human body after drinking without corresponding trace mineral supplement. But it is, after all, safe water. The effect of the UV sterilizer to carry water purifier is an important link to consider their own water problems. 1. Don't 2 pure water machine, water purifier. Don't 3 barrel pure water machine pressure, water purifiers. Pure water machine with RO reverse osmosis membrane filter, water purifier with ultrafiltration membrane filtration 4. Pure water machine to filter out the water does not contain any material, only the H2O water molecules, water filter to remove impurities in water, rust, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, and keep the calcium and magnesium ions of water quality difference between ultrafiltration water purifiers and RO pure water machine is different filtering precision, ultrafiltration filtration precision below the RO, filtration precision sorting for ultrafiltration is less than the nanofiltration is less than the RO. Ultrafiltration can filter the water microbes but no filtering effect of ionic substances R0 reverse osmosis pure water machine principle: register level filtering: 5 micron PP fiber filter ( Remove the water visible to the naked eye more than qualitative, including sediment, red worm, rust, etc. ) Was the secondary filter: granular activated carbon filter ( Strong adsorption of organic matter and different color, odor, such as pesticides, chlorine, etc. ) Was level 3 filtering: 1 micron PP fiber filter ( Filter out fine particulate organic matter) Just four filtering: wood (R0 reverse osmosis membrane technology Wood of application of membrane separation technology to water all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic compounds) Just five filtering: rear bacteriostatic activated carbon ( Adsorption odor, adjust the mouth of the water and glycol sweet, good for the body to absorb) Ultrafiltration, filtering accuracy can not meet direct reference standard, so now the ultrafiltration technology of pure water machine has gradually faded out of people's lives.
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