The UV application in mineral water disinfection?

by:Tepro     2020-03-29
Mineral water disinfection uv light sterilizer techniques have been widely used in uv sterilization technology is mainly used in mineral water disinfection sterilization function of uv light, such as over current uv light sterilizer equipment principle of work is as follows: the velocity of the pump pressure can flow through the transparent uv quartz sleeve periphery, the lamp of 254 nm uv for water disinfection and sterilization. Uv water sterilization equipment is a broad-spectrum sterilization, to kill all microorganisms, including bacteria, n/med tuberculosis bacterium, virus, spores, and fungi. The UV application in mineral water disinfection: 1. The TOC removal of 2. Sterilizing 3. The ozone decomposition of 4. Remove chlorine and chloramine mineral water disinfection ultraviolet disinfection characteristics 1. Can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and other organisms; 2. Through the photolysis, can effectively degrade the chlorine in the water; 3. Simple operation, easy maintenance; 4. Cover an area of an area small, treatment of water; 5. No pollution, environmental protection sex strong, won't produce side effects; 6. Low investment cost, low operating cost, convenient installation; 7. Using the principle of optical design unique wall treatment technology, to maximize the use of ultraviolet ray cavity in the body, multiply the sterilization effects. Mineral water is rich in mineral water of nutritional health, can bring vitality to the human body. Human life through long-term practice gradually found that drinking water besides can quench thirst, can also improve the body immunity, reduce the happening of the disease and prolong life. Classification of mineral water, 1) According to the characteristics of mineral water components meet the national standard of the main types are divided into nine categories: 1) metasilicate mineral water; (2) sr mineral water; (3) zinc ( Products, zinc supplementation zinc supplementation information) Mineral water; (4) lithium mineral water; 5. Selenium mineral water; 6. Bromine water; All landowners iodine mineral water; Today carbonated mineral water; Pet-name ruby salt mineral water. ( 2) According to the classification of salinity named salinity is contained in unit volume to the amount of ions, molecules, and compounds. Salinity & lt; 500 mg/l for the low salinity, 500 - 1500 mg/l for the salinity, & gt; 1500 mg/l of high salinity. Salinity & lt; 1000 mg/l for light mineral water, & gt; 1000 mg/l for the salt mineral water. ( 3) Classification according to the mineral water, acid, alkaline pH pH, hydrogen ion concentration is the water of the negative value, namely the pH = - 1克( H +) , is a kind of acid and alkaline represent value. According to GB/T14157 - 1993 < < Hydrogeological terms & gt;> The definition of can be divided into the following three kinds of PH & lt; 6. 5 6. 5 - 8. 0> 8. 0 - 10 types of acidic water neutral alkaline water ( 4) According to the naming is given priority to with anion ion of Yin and Yang classification, with cationic divided the class and ion of Yin and Yang mg equivalent & gt; 25% to participate in naming. (1) chloride mineral water, mineral water with sodium chloride, magnesium chloride mineral water, etc. ; (2) the heavy carbonate mineral water, there are heavy calcium carbonate ( Calcium products and calcium supplements information) Magnesite springs mineral water, heavy calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate mineral water, sodium bicarbonate, mineral water, etc. ; (3) sulfate mineral water, sodium magnesium sulfate mineral water, mineral water and etc.
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