The use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp method

by:Tepro     2020-03-21
1. Tube radiation intensity: ultraviolet radiation intensity is the most basic factors influencing the disinfection effect, according to the requirements of the 'technical standard for disinfection, new principle of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiation intensity should be greater than 100 & mu; W/cm2( Distance of 1 m) As a qualified, are using the tube radiation intensity minimum should reach 70 & mu; W/cm2 can be used temporarily, but it must be prolonged exposure. Based on ultraviolet radiation intensity of the radiation dose is multiplied by the irradiation time of the formula to calculate different strength needed to extend the irradiation time, also can see the high intensity of short time or low intensity for a long time can get the same sterilization effect. If the intensity of the ultraviolet light source is lower than 40 vw/cm2, the longer also cannot have satisfied the sterilization effect of irradiation time, should stop to use. 2. The number of tubes installed according to the ministry of health issued the 'technical standard for disinfection, third edition, volume 2 ( Hospital disinfection specification) Regulation, indoor pendant uv lamp installation number ( 30 w ultraviolet light, radiation intensity in vertical 1 m higher than 70 & mu; W/cm2) For the average per cubic meter of not less than 1. 5 w, and uniform distribution, hoisting height from the ground 1. 8 ~ 2. 2 m, make people breathing in the available irradiation range. Continuous illumination not less than 30 min, ultraviolet radiation intensity is inversely proportional with radiation distance, hanging is too high, influence the sterilization effect. If it is a surface disinfection, lamp is apart from the radiation surface should be with 1 m advisable, sterilization. 3. Ambient temperature environment temperature on the intensity of ultraviolet (uv) radiation has certain influence, too high or too low temperature will reduce the intensity of radiation, such as the temperature drops to 4 ℃, the radiation intensity is falling by 65% ~ 80%, the serious influence the sterilization effect. General with room temperature is 20 ~ 40 ℃ for the suitable temperature of ultraviolet disinfection, are most strong in the temperature range of ultraviolet (uv) radiation and stable, can achieve ideal disinfection effect of 4. Prevent ultraviolet radiation damage is mainly to prevent ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes, face exposed skin, do not look straight tubes in case caused conjunctivitis. Shall not make ultraviolet (uv) light source direct exposure to the people, to prevent skin erythema. Too much ultraviolet light can emit ozone, ozone can make the person poisoning, in some business environment, the concentration of ozone may not exceed 0. 3mg/m3。 Should be in the room there is no case to ultraviolet light. Radiation monitoring, with the special radiation detection tools feet, back to the light source to observe, also can use common glass or dark glasses as a protection mask and goggles to protect his eyes and facial skin.
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