The ultraviolet ray application in the field of eight

by:Tepro     2020-04-15
Ultraviolet uv lamp is widely used in LCD, and glass, crafts glazing, electronics, printing, PCB, plastic, wood, footwear coating in areas such as: 1, LCD industry: uv lamp is LCD display with low pressure generally cold, and curing with tube is different, but belong to uv lamp, usage is different. 2, crafts glazing: as long as it is to use uv glazing oil handicraft surface processing, uv tubes are available. 3, UV sterilizer: pretreatment is adopted, using electrostatic dust gun, or handled by electrostatic dust removal rod, which is often said, corona treatment, because of the plastic, plastic material, its surface tension is very poor, after corona treatment, the surface of the surface tension increased, so as to strengthen the substrate and the affinity of UV coating, it will have a better curing effect, if isn't doing a good pretreatment, product adhesion also can appear problem, a lot of is not the cause of the light tube, but the equipment or operation process, and UV coating or printing ink, also has a lot to do. 4, spraying aspects: general following from spraying, cosmetics case, MP3 use mostly small home appliance such as plastic spraying company, mobile phone shell coating with uv printing both industry, is different to the requirement of uv, see his products and equipment. Following from spraying company, most of the six - Eight tubes ( A coating line) As long as the parameters provided by the right, as long as know the specifications of the uv lamp and parameters, tianjin, uv equipment co. , LTD can guarantee replacement, such as: Japan's EYE lamp, our company has successfully replaced the EYE many domestic use, price is in 3000 - 4000 yuan. 5, printing: silk screen printing, offset printing, 5 color printing mostly use uv ultraviolet lamp drying curing uv ink. Like U disk, CD, such as using uv glue, in the disc printing, also use uv screen printing ink, in silk screen printing, now mostly using uv ink to printing. With a quick drying, good adhesion, various performance standard ( Adhesion, friction resistance, etc. ) 。 6, shoes, sole is to use ultraviolet radiation material, make its produce chemical reaction, make the adhesive glue with good affinity with soles and uppers. Shoes, suitable for the breakthrough, the uv glue for plastic glue, plastic tube of glue as the hospital infusion. Production of high-grade sneakers company commonly, can use. 7, wood industry: just for uv paint coating on the surface of the curing. Because the uv coating ( Light oil, etc. ) Various aspects: with good performance such as friction resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, etc. After uv coating, can make such as floor surface luster gorgeous feeling, wood coating, mostly using ultraviolet light tube length is longer, power is larger, mostly at about 1000 mm in length. 8, PCB industries: PCB circuit boards, uv lamp used in printed circuit board, the use of METAL (general Metal halide lamp) , another kind is the exposure lamp also belongs to the metal halogen lamp, PCB production, exposure to developing, commonly used in circuit board company.
It isn't just about being on uv c light bulb anymore–it's about maximizing the potential of the platform of manufacturing.
We humbly ask you to use uv light disinfection and we guarantee that you would be in a great delight with using the product.
There are different types of , mainly uv sterilization lamp and uv disinfection lamp.
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