The type of demineralized water equipment

by:Tepro     2020-11-13
Demineralized water equipment is, in fact, a kind of equipment to reduce water hardness, used to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, but in the process of demineralized water, the total content of salt and water will not be reduced. Softened water equipment, a total of four types: 1. Industrial large reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, power plant equipment, medical electronics and other industries ultrapure uv water purifier, fruits and flowers watered with pure water equipment, dosing equipment, boiler softened water equipment; 2. Water treatment equipment, pure uv water purifier, food and beverage industry water pure water, mineral water equipment of rural drinking water equipment, hotel, school, office units, canteens and other direct drinking water equipment. 3. Filling equipment drum, small bottle filling line, brush barrels drawing machine; 4. Water treatment parts, filter, pump, reverse osmosis membrane, membrane shell, precision filter, flow meters, pressure gauges, ozone generator, uv sterilizer, scale inhibitors, etc. 【 】
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