The structure of uv sterilizer parsing

by:Tepro     2020-04-11
The structure of UV sterilizer, UV sterilizer according to water flow boundary divided into closed and open. Closed system: a closed type UV sterilizer is confined, quartz sleeve with metal shell and belt of ultraviolet lamp to the disinfection of water closed up. Cylinder commonly used stainless steel or aluminum alloy manufacture, the lining more make polishing processing in order to improve the ability for ultraviolet reflex and enhanced radiation intensity, also can be adjusted according to the size of the processing of water the amount of uv lamp. Some sterilizer with a helical blade in the cylinder to change the movement state of the water to avoid standing water and pipe blockage, the turbulent flow and the blade edges will be sharp break suspended solid, microbes attached completely exposure to uv radiation, increase the sterilization efficiency. Enclosed is also divided into open type and immersion. Open type sterilizer is suitable for medium and large water treatment, used for sewage treatment plant. Enclosed disinfector generally applicable to medium and small water treatment or necessary pressure and sterilizer can't use in open channel conditions. Various kinds of system cover seal quartz sleeve of uv lamp can be decorated with vertically or horizontally in the direction of flow. Parallel system hydraulic loss of small, uniform flow form, whereas the vertical system could make the flow turbulence, improve the efficiency of disinfection. Open system: the open type UV disinfector in disinfection of water flows through UV sterilizer under gravity and destroyed microbes living water. Open systems and can be classified into immersion and surface type two kinds. ZhaoSheFa immersion is also known as the water. The ultraviolet lamp with concentric circles quartz sleeve into the water, water flows from quartz casing around, when the tubes ( Group) Need to be replaced, use lifting equipment operated up to face it. The structure is complicated, but ultraviolet radiation energy utilization high effect is good and easy to maintenance. Is also known as the water ZhaoSheFa surface type, the uv lamp above the surface of the water, generated by the parallel tube parallel ultraviolet disinfection of water. The way a simple immersion, but larger energy waste and poor sterilization effect, rarely used in practical production. Ultraviolet water sterilization equipment according to different purposes, the factory produced models are different, the user can provide specific requirements to suppliers when the choose and buy, use standard in order to achieve.
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