The structure and application range of ultraviolet lamps

by:Tepro     2021-04-19
The structure and application range of the ultraviolet lamp tube. Let’s talk about the structure and application range of the ultraviolet lamp tube:    ultraviolet lamp tube is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. Like ordinary fluorescent lamps, it is excited by low-pressure mercury vapor (<10-2Pa) After emitting ultraviolet rays. The difference is that the tube of the fluorescent lamp is made of ordinary glass, and the 253.7nm ultraviolet rays cannot be transmitted, and it can only be absorbed by the phosphor on the inner wall of the tube to excite visible light.   If you change the composition and proportion of the phosphor, it can emit light of different colors that we usually see. Generally, the tube of the germicidal lamp is made of quartz glass, because the quartz glass has a high transmittance of 80%-90% to the various wavelengths of ultraviolet rays, and it is the best material for the germicidal lamp. Application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp 1. Each microorganism has its specific ultraviolet kill and death dose standard. Its dose is the product of irradiation intensity and irradiation time (bactericidal doseu003dirradiation intensity•irradiation time/Ku003dI•t), That is, the radiation dose of ultraviolet rays depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet rays and the length of the irradiation time. The effects of high-intensity short-time and low-intensity long-term irradiation are the same.   2. Quartz lamps will gradually age after a period of use, and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation will decline. In order to achieve a thorough disinfection effect, the radiation intensity of the quartz lamps should be checked regularly. If the intensity is not enough, it should be replaced immediately.  3. Ultraviolet rays can only travel in a straight line and have weak penetrating ability. Any paper, lead glass, or plastic will greatly reduce the intensity of radiation. Therefore, as far as possible during disinfection, the disinfected part should be fully exposed to ultraviolet light, and the lamp tube should be wiped regularly to avoid affecting the ultraviolet light transmittance and radiation intensity. 4. Ultraviolet rays can cause great damage to the human skin. Do not use UV lamps in places with people, and do not look directly at the lighted tubes. Since short-wave ultraviolet rays cannot pass through ordinary glass, it can be avoided by wearing glasses Eye injuries. 5. Generally, ozone lamps cannot be used in places with personnel activities, because ozone will promote the coagulation of human hemoglobin, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the human body, dizziness, nausea, and health, especially when the ozone concentration reaches>0.3ppm (mg/m2), it will cause serious harm to the human body. 6. The purple-blue light in low-pressure discharge lamps is mercury vapor pressure. Although the intensity of mercury vapor pressure is still related to ultraviolet light, it does not directly represent the intensity of ultraviolet light, which means that the intensity of ultraviolet light cannot be used with the naked eye. To judge.  7. The lamp and reflector can ensure the concentration of ultraviolet energy and avoid damage to the staff. The reflector must be made of material that attracts less and more reflection to 253.7nm ultraviolet material. The surface oxidation and polishing treatment of aluminum has the largest reflection coefficient for shortwave ultraviolet. Therefore, the reflector system of general ultraviolet lamps is made of aluminum.   The above 7 points are the summary,
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