The sterilization technology of reverse osmosis pretreatment

by:Tepro     2020-12-07
Conventional water treatment of sterilization methods for two kinds of coagulant dosage and uv inactivated etc. Such as the currently widely used in drinking pure water is after reverse osmosis desalting, through uv light sterilizer processing again. Small capacity of water ( ≤ 10 t / h) You can use carbon dioxide, or ozone sterilization. In the process of industrial production mainly with chlorine and sodium hypochlorite as more see elements, also can use chlorine dioxide can be ozone. Outsourcing of chlorine gas in the cylinder storage, use chlorine dosing, electrolytic salt ( Or the water) By sodium hypochlorite, without special dosing equipment, can be sent to be processed into the water. Chlorine dioxide can be made of sodium chlorate production, in drinking water treatment and industrial water treatment effect is very much also. Sodium chlorate with explosion danger, should be used carefully. Ozone purifying the air by the high voltage discharge device for making, there are small and medium-sized ozone generator for village water supply or central air conditioning cooling water system of sterilization, also apply to the reverse osmosis device inactivated processing, excess ozone can also be treated with activated carbon absorption. In the process of reverse osmosis water treatment process, in addition to the operation of sterilization, sterilization problems in equipment downtime is needed. Usually in the outage can be used within 48 hours of raw water to wash, 1 more than 48 hours available. 5% sodium bisulfite fluid seal up to 2 weeks to use formaldehyde disinfectant sterilization cycle, never use 84 commercial sterilization disinfectant on membrane element, it will produce damage to membrane element.
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