The sterilization principle of ultraviolet lamp

by:Tepro     2020-07-02

sterilization principle and characteristics of ultraviolet lamp:

the wavelength of 254 nm easily absorbed by organism, and used in an organism's genetic material DNA, DNA damage and killing bacteria. 185 nm wavelength ultraviolet radiation and air can produce a strong ozone oxidation, can effectively kill bacteria.

uv can be concentrated high strength in a short period of time to kill bacteria and viruses, and belong to the pure physical disinfection method, no secondary pollution.

note: this table is 99. 99% kill time ( Assuming that ultraviolet irradiance (including 30000 w/cm squared) If uv irradiance of 3000 (including w/cm squared. To achieve the same sterilizing effect, the time to extend the 10 times, and so on. Start the uv lamp, should avoid direct exposure to the human body, the eyes don't face up to the light source, or the use of protective glasses, in order to avoid corneal burns.

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