The sterilization lamp used in fish farming

by:Tepro     2020-07-17

when purchasing a complete set of aquatic animals box, its itself is without sterilization lamp, we need according to the aquarium lamp model with a germicidal lamp, sterilization lamp have a vital role in fish farming. Its most important role is to kill the algae, bacteria and parasites harm fish in the water the survival of the harmful organisms.

in the process of use sterilization lamp should be clear:

1, the sterilization lamp does not need to use for a long time, because of the specific material determines the germicidal lamp sterilization lamp no common fluorescent lamp long service life, simply use a few hours a day. Sterilization lamp and fluorescent lamp used separately best, because when a fluorescent lamp is algae breeding exuberant.

2, sterilizing lamp is not harm nitrifying bacteria, can kill bacteria floating on the water, the sterilization lamp and nitrifying bacteria generally attached to the material, can only play a biological filter attached to the material about effect, those who have not successfully attached in the nitrifying bacteria is not on the material about purifying water body.

3, avoid to use the germicidal lamp when using drugs, because the light could be made by the sterilization lamp and we use the fish medicines produce chemical reaction.

the correct use of germicidal lamp:

in order to make the germicidal lamp play the best effect, we should make the water slowly through the sterilization lamp irradiation, and the water too quickly can make the incomplete sterilization. After the water flow through the sterilization lamp, the water flow to the filtration system, first because the sterilization lamp can be put in the water into highly toxic nitrite, nitrate and nitrite after biofiltration could translate back into nitrate, so we in the use of the sterilization lamp, should let the sterilization of water into the filtration system.

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