The sterilization lamp used in aquatic animals

by:Tepro     2020-07-18

germicidal lamp is a special kind of ultraviolet lamps and lanterns, using ultraviolet light from the lamps and lanterns of killing most bacteria and spores.

the sterilization lamp can be used to kill the water dissociation of spores, is one of the means to remove algae, prevent algae. In addition, the sterilization lamp can be used to kill various germs, fish to create a more clean and comfortable environment.

due to emit ultraviolet germicidal lamp light especially to human body harm is big, so the work environment must be sealed. But most of the bacteria and spores in the bottom of the filter material and sand, and irradiation sterilization lamp is less than, filter material and bottom sand at the same time also has a lot of beneficial bacteria, this makes the germicidal lamp only the flow of water through the closed environment. However, when water flow velocity is fast, sterilization can not completely; Only when the slower the flow velocity, the sterilization effect of the sterilization lamp also is better.

The use and installation of cost of uv light for air conditioner is compared with most other systems for managing the uv sterilization lamp effectively and no doubt bactericidal lamps have won the race so many times.
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