The sterilization lamp application in the medical system of air disinfection machine

by:Tepro     2020-07-28

in the medical system, the air disinfection machine has a mature and stable market, because according to the operating room, wards, bacteria amount is larger. This sterilizer sterilization rate of natural bacteria to reach more than 90%, to reach more than 99% of the sterilization rate of artificial bacteria, the disinfection confidential enough cycle air volume, machine sterilization efficiency is high, not through fast and efficient wind circulation, nor to the indoor environment to achieve a high sterilization rate, second, the machine of uv intensity is high enough, and almost inside the machine to do the sterilization rate of 100%. Built-in sterilization rate is not high, closed to the sterilization rate of more.

Common household air purifier sterilization rate is not necessary to do health disinfection machine used as high sterilization rate, family environment air quality is much better than hospital (Hospital patients), the standard should be different. From the principle of circulation wind antiseptic, the higher the concentration of bacteria, the more easy to achieve a higher rate; Good air quality in the same way, it is difficult to achieve high sterilization rate!

For air quality from the bacteriology indicators, not bacteria is lower, the better, sterile room is designed for some special weak patient set resistance. We usually environment are bacteria in the world. People's response to bacteria have a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. The bacteria index control within a certain range, can effectively control the occurrence of diseases, the important task is to prevent we learn to care about. The above is our mainly related to the air conditioning is discussed in view of the air disinfection sterilization method, and some sterilization device. As people health consciousness enhancement, for a variety of diseases spread by all means take precautions, including disinfection cabinet is to prevent the spread of the disease by eating, disinfection cabinet has been accepted by the common people and the market, the market capacity for millions of units. In fact, the spread disease that spreads through the air and food, has more concealment, more dangerous. In the air conditioning bus, for example, when there is a person with infectious diseases, others on the one hand can't aware of who have infectious diseases, on the other hand, of a person very easily in such a closed small place not to be infected.

all kinds of sterilization equipment mostly belongs to the new product, at present no corresponding national standards come on stage, but the production enterprises should put such products from two opposite to scaling, on the one hand refers to the safety indicators, mainly refers to the mechanical, electrical, these indicators may refer to the existing common criteria such as 3 c standard; On the other hand refers to the health, mainly refers to the bacteriological indicators, such as sterilization rate. Sterilization rate as an important indicator, production enterprise must explicitly tell the customer, and how the device under what conditions the sterilization rate. Sterilization cannot be judged by perceptual, also can detect non-production enterprises, design good samples to send to above city-level center for disease control and prevention, or microorganism inspection unit for testing. Product specification and related advertising applied the principle of the simplest to let people understand why can sterilization, eventually accept sterilization products, and to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products is among them.

in the past, disinfection sterilization equipment belong to the disinfection equipment, is a special industry. Production enterprises to obtain a medical device registration certificate production site hygiene license, medical enterprise production and business operation license. Look from the current development situation, product and production enterprise has the following characteristics:

product diversification, disinfection products just past 30 watts of disinfection lamp, dynamic disinfection machine, now developed into including air conditioning sterilization, disinfection equipment of the air purifier, etc.

USES diffusion, only use the product in the hospital, now go to the family, office, public venues.

function diversification, just used for sterilization products now can be used for sterilization, disinfection, improve air quality, health care, prevention, health related products.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - , in contrast, our country in science and education, culture and arts, sports and other aspects of the business development faster, also among the highest in the world, and our country in the aspects of health care, epidemic prevention career far behind other countries.

health-related product development ultimately depends on the market. As people living standard rise, health is more and more attention. Develop, expand, will drive the health related products become common products to the people in the family.

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