The secret of packaging technology behind uvc ultraviolet lamps

by:Tepro     2021-03-19
In order to make UVC UV lamp LED technology to benefit mankind and to develop better from the packaging industry, a series of popular science articles on UVC UV lamp packaging technology, direct technical thresholds, and shared solutions, hope to get more ideas and information. I hope that colleagues in the industry will work together to develop the industry in an orderly manner and provide more technologies for the healthy life of mankind. The uvc ultraviolet lamp continues to heat up, and the market has become hot. As we all know, the bactericidal effect of uvc ultraviolet lamp is remarkable. Under a certain dose and distance, it can kill common bacteria in only a few seconds to tens of seconds. But what we don’t know is that with the booming market, a variety of UVC UV lamp applications appear on the market, some of which are inferior products, usually the same level of UVC UV lamp products, but the actual use effects are quite different. . . In the final analysis, this is a difference in technology and process. The first stage of uvc ultraviolet lamp LED packaging technology science, let us start with the keyword of thermal management and look at the secrets behind uvc ultraviolet lamp LED packaging technology. Management is the key to improving the life of UVC UV lamp LEDs. Like any electronic components, UVC UV lamp LEDs are sensitive to heat. The external quantum efficiency (EQE) of the uvc ultraviolet lamp LED is very low, only about 1-3% of the input power is converted into light, and the remaining 97% is basically converted into heat. At this time, if the heat cannot be quickly eliminated and the LED chip is kept below its maximum operating temperature, the service life of the chip will be directly affected, or even unusable. It can be said that thermal management is the key to extending the life of UVC lamps. The key to thermal management is to reduce the welding porosity. Due to the small size of uvc ultraviolet lamp LEDs, most of the heat cannot be dissipated from the surface, so the backside of the LED has become the only way to effectively dissipate heat. At this time, how to do a good job of thermal management in the package joint is particularly important. For the thermal management of packaging, there are two aspects, one is the material and the other is the process. In terms of materials, after years of development, the UVC UV lamp LEDs currently on the market are mainly based on flip-chips with high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrates. Aluminum nitride (AIN) has excellent thermal conductivity (140W/mk-170W/mK), which can resist the aging of the ultraviolet light source itself, so as to meet the high thermal management requirements of UVC ultraviolet lamp LED. It can be used in the car, refrigerator, dining cabinet sterilization, shoe cabinet sterilization, wardrobe sterilization, kitchen sterilization, toilet sterilization and deodorization, etc. Since the packaging material of UVC UV lamp LED on the market is basically the same as the solid crystal process, why the effect of thermal management So different? Here, we have to mention the welding void rate. In short, the welding void rate refers to the welding process between the uvc ultraviolet lamp LED chip and the substrate. Due to technical influences, certain areas cannot be welded. The formed defect looks hollow, which is an important indicator that affects heat dissipation.
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