The secondary reverse osmosis equipment installation considerations

by:Tepro     2020-12-18
Secondary reverse osmosis equipment generally consists of three parts of two-stage RO device, cleaning system and middle water tank. Secondary reverse osmosis equipment through water amount is large, small energy consumption, water use efficiency is higher, and in the process of use, simple operation, easy maintenance. Today will take you to get to know the secondary reverse osmosis equipment installation considerations. 1. Secondary reverse osmosis equipment shipped to the site, the uv water purifier equipment should be placed in indoor, environment temperature is not lower than the lowest 5 & deg; C, should not be higher than 38 degrees Celsius. When the temperature above 35 ℃, should strengthen the ventilation system. 2. After arrival, the equipment should be installed in a month, and will immediately set about testing the running water. 3. No water before the test, the equipment may not open any valve, avoid outflow of protection solutions and the damage. 4. in place, you should adjust the equipment support, make the position of the components in contact with the base of the basic level and reliability. 5. Pump equipment and water supply uv water purifier equipment before connecting pipe and valve should be in the connection of degreasing, pump flow section should also be skimmed. 6. maximum output water delivery pipe should be less than 8 m. Note: 2, 3 points only for RO device installed in membrane element of the device.
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