The role of reverse osmosis membrane in water treatment, you know?

by:Tepro     2020-12-07
Reverse osmosis membrane is the core of the realization of reverse osmosis element, is a kind of simulation have certain characteristics of biological membrane made of artificial semi-permeable membrane. Commonly used polymer materials. Such as cellulose acetate membrane, aromatic hydrazide film, aromatic polyamide film. Surface microporous medical pure water equipment in 0 in diameter. Between 5 ~ 10 nm, the size of the permeability and the chemical structure of the membrane itself. Some polymer materials good repellency of salt, and water through the speed is not good. Some polymer chemical structure with more hydrophilic group, and water through the speed is relatively fast. So a satisfactory reverse osmosis membrane should have appropriate osmotic quantity or desalination rate. Now using pure water treatment equipment water treatment equipment industry and our life is closely related to the chemical industry in the use of water equipment. The equipment operation and performance of the quality as the improvement of people life develop effective technological competition between the water treatment industry. Reverse osmosis membrane water treatment technology in the process of normal use, will be inorganic scale, colloid, microbial oxygen food uv water purifier, metal materials such as pollution, these substances attachment and deposited on the membrane surface, gradually accumulated to a certain degree can cause after reverse osmosis pure water equipment device output descent or desalination rate, differential pressure increases, and even cause unrecoverable damage to membrane, therefore, in order to restore good water and desalination performance, need a chemical cleaning for reverse osmosis membrane. In pure uv water purifier daily operation, regular inspection, timely replacement of precision filter core, to prevent filter for installation or quality problems caused by the leaking of reverse osmosis membrane particle pollution. At the same time should also regularly check whether there is gas inside the precision filter, can't let air into the reverse osmosis membrane. The precision filter, to the standby or shut down for a long time to add formaldehyde method of protection from bacteria to multiply. There are pure uv water purifier filter backwashing regularly. In the reverse friction on the compressed air gas, in the wash. Is washed out of the water qualified rear can put into use, do not put the air into the reverse osmosis membrane. As far as possible to extend the time of the operation of mechanical filter, so switching filter is reduced to the impact of the effluent water quality, and save a large amount of backwashing water. Now reverse osmosis membrane element basic solve our water treatment technology often drinking water indicators, high-performance reverse osmosis membrane element material can greatly reduce membrane water cost, the legal system to solve in some parts of the drinking water requirements, at the same time the high performance water quality purification of membrane material, can improve the safety of drinking water to people everyday drinking water quality standards.
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