The principle of water treatment special uv germicidal lamp

by:Tepro     2020-04-22
Channel type ultraviolet disinfection equipment and the type of uv sterilizer system includes a uv lamp module, the module bracket, system control center and distribution center, the low water level sensor, water level control system of a full set of equipment, etc. Standardized ultraviolet disinfection ultraviolet disinfection modules: each module consists of a stainless steel lamp, uv lamp, quartz tube, power distribution system and data acquisition system. Pieces of ultraviolet disinfection module technology advantages: low water resistance of the module structure than the traditional module of the structure of the water resistance is small, small water level changes before and after disinfection. Waterproof grade IP68 level standard, is suitable for the demanding situations. Pieces cable part add sealing ring, effectively prevent short circuit damage caused by cable the water tubes. Good corrosion resistant stainless steel materials. Ultraviolet sterilization purification system is one of the core of uv lamp, the water treatment special-purpose uv germicidal lamp for low voltage high uv lamp, the world's best installed on the module of the quartz tube, parallel or vertical to the flow direction, tubes of effective working life is 9000 - 12000 hours, the maximum power of the single tube is 250 - 320W。 Imported low pressure of high temperature solid amalgam uv germicidal lamp, safeguard life 9000 hours. Quartz quartz casing pipe installed on the module bracket, quartz tube UVC light transmittance is greater than or equal to 85%, its end is silent side, the other end is open end, through the seal design, protection grade IP68, effectively prevent water seeping into the quartz tube and affect the normal work of the uv lamp. High light transmittance, UVT) Quartz tube, quartz sleeve: selection of quality to ensure excellent uv transmittance, ensure that the highest intensity of ultraviolet output. Electronic ballasts electronic ballast module is the core component of the whole system, uv disinfection system is prominent advantage is that the stability of the electronic ballast. Through the introduction of the world's leading German technology, with a uv lamp flash start, efficient variable power output, microelectronics and PLC control ballast technology in Holland. Electronic ballast installed in ballast tank or modules within the chassis. Good corrosion resistant stainless steel materials, tubes and signal cable seal in disinfection modules, not exposed in the sewage and ultraviolet light. Water quality, water quantity according to customer processing and sterilization requirements such as different circumstances, provided with every module 3 to 20 light of a variety of design.
In the past few decades, uv sterilization lamp production has increased because of the use of germicidal lamp.
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