The principle of water treatment equipment selection, how much do you know?

by:Tepro     2020-12-24
The choice of water treatment equipment should be based on the principle of people to ensure water security, therefore in the water treatment process by selecting the dongguan water treatment equipment should be considered when choosing, is made of pure source below small make up for you to explain the choice of the three principles: 1, the technical principle of safety and reliability. At present, although our country about there are many kinds of water treatment technology and equipment, but from a host of technical theory and equipment selection of the most advanced technology and safety reliability of the highest equipment. Now the water treatment uv water purifier equipment selection requirements more and more blurred, so to adhere to the dongguan water treatment equipment selected three principles as guidelines to choose from. 2, the equipment operation cost minimum principle. Aiming at remote, economic less developed areas, if the water treatment equipment operation cost is too high, is beyond the economic affordability of the local people and even the construction of water treatment engineering construction completed, also because the equipment for high operation cost of the construction of the local people can't afford to lose. So in the water treatment equipment engineering construction must take into account the equipment running cost. 3, easy to management principles. For economic less developed areas and relative shortage of equipment, technical and managerial personnel, in the aspect of equipment management and maintenance requirements try to be simple, easy to manage. If the management of the equipment technical requirements are too high, beyond the capability of the uv water purifier equipment technical management personnel, the equipment will not guarantee the normal operation and management.
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