The principle of ultrapure water equipment and its system structure

by:Tepro     2020-11-11
Ultrapure uv water purifier is one of the water treatment equipment, water most of the conductive medium, which can be removed and can colloid material, gas and organic matter in water were reduced to a low level. About its working principle and system structure, the gave us a brief introduction in the introduction of today. Principle: ultrapure uv water purifier using pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, mixed bed, EDI device level and after processing, remove the conductive medium is almost entirely in the water, and water dissociation of colloidal substance, gas and organic matter removal to very low levels of water treatment equipment. Ultrapure uv water purifier called again, ultrapure water, ultrapure water, ultrapure water, ultrapure water systems, laboratory ultrapure water and etc. Ultrapure water machine produces ultrapure water resistivity generally should be greater than 10 ohms, water is more than 10 ohms ultrapure water. General ultrapure water out of the water can reach 18. 25 ohms. System structure: (1) pretreatment 1, traditional process consists of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter and security filters. 2, new process consists of mechanical filter, security filters and ultrafiltration. (2) reverse osmosis system 1, 2, is composed of high pressure pump and reverse osmosis can be divided into primary reverse osmosis and secondary reverse osmosis (3) fine treatment system 1, ion exchange and microporous filter composed of 2, EDI and microporous filter
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