The principle and application of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp

by:Tepro     2020-04-06
Ultraviolet light for a spectrum of the solar spectrum, the wavelength is 2 k. People often high requirements in the hospital or hotel hygiene environment see it, because of ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria, protect the function of people healthy. The principle and application of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp used in the field of aquatic breeding emit ultraviolet light device; Uv lamp, because it can kill bacteria, fungi, viral, it can change of single-celled microorganisms, damage DNA, which makes the water fine floating organic protozoan die, eliminate hate and harmful factors in the aquarium. At the same time it also has inhibitory effect on algae in aquatic animals. Usually aquarium dedicated ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be divided into two kinds, a kind of for submersible ( For domestic goods) And another for embedded tubes ( I've only met foreign goods) 。 We recommend the latter, because it has the advantage of water flow through from the tubes, the tube there is light reflection device to reduce the attenuation of light energy to improve the efficiency of sterilization; Outside of the pipe is not pervious to light plant, due to ultraviolet light has harm to the human eye, thus avoiding the harm to the person; Can use the installation outside the cylinder, so use more flexible and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that, with the rise of the using time, pipe wall adhesion viscous stolen goods, unfavorable and cleaning; Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp and the reliable are foreign production price is more expensive. General uv germicidal lamp will be per square cm35, 000 micro watt exposure rate as a benchmark, with inner tube type sterilization lamp, control the sterilization lamp sterilization function can be used to water flow through the tube of flow velocity and the size of the lamp power to control. The aforementioned data use up is not too good calculation and understanding, here I'll give you provide a practical standard: 4 & ndash; 8 w / 80 & ndash; 160 litres of water, 20 & ndash; 25 w / 200 & ndash; 400 litres of water, 40 w for a large aquarium. After sterilization lamp of water flow velocity can be by changing the connection to change the size of the pump power, within the scope of the above standards, to moderate water velocity ( Water velocity is fast ultraviolet light is small, the function of water flow velocity slow effect) 。 Actually everybody no matter the ozone disinfection equipment or uv light have some common sense, also know their advantages and disadvantages, using their bactericidal properties of scientific and reliable, can help us keep good aquatic animals, abuse, of course, they also can bring pain disaster, please use this device, allow them to bring more benefits for your aquarium and efficacy.
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