The most complete UV flashlight application in history

by:Tepro     2021-07-07
Many friends don’t know exactly what UV flashlights can do and what applications are there for UV flashlights? Today, Ziguang flashlight manufacturers have summarized the most comprehensive UV flashlight applications in history, hoping to help everyone. The application of ultraviolet flashlight in the industrial field detects leaks. Many industrial chemicals (such as antifreeze) are fluorescent, and leaks can be easily detected by simple ultraviolet light. Fluorescent dyes can also be added to the system and then irradiated with a fluorescent leak-detecting ultraviolet flashlight to detect leaks that are difficult to find. Curing resin. The combination of ultraviolet resin and ultraviolet light can be cured at low temperature, and the curing time is only half of that of ordinary resin. This will increase the versatility of the resin, so if there is no UV lamp, they will not be cured. Non-destructive material testing (NDT). High-power UV flashlights can be used as a tool to test the structural integrity, reliability and safety of infrastructure projects (such as bridges and tunnels). The aircraft, automobile and shipbuilding industries also use ultraviolet flashlights for non-destructive testing. UV flashlights are used in the identification of banknotes and the identification of antique treasures. Detect forgery and repair of artwork. The fluorescence levels of paints, inks, dyes, and other materials are different and change over time. Using a long-wave ultraviolet flashlight can show the difference between the artwork and the counterfeit, or through the professional identification of the purple flashlight, you can find the repair traces of the collection. Detect counterfeit currency. The currencies of most countries/regions contain watermarks or other anti-counterfeiting marks, which can be detected by ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet lamps can be used to detect whether there are anti-counterfeit marks on the currency. 365 ultraviolet flashlight is used in criminal investigation. Crime scene and room investigation. Many body fluids glow under a 365 ultraviolet flashlight (sometimes called a black light flashlight). This helps investigators to make detailed observations at the crime scene to obtain fingerprints, footprints, body fluids and other relevant evidence. Of course, the 365 purple flashlight can also be used to check whether there are hidden pet stains in the room and to check the cleanliness of the hotel room. Arson and bomb investigations. Investigators often use UV flashlights to determine the source of the fire, such as hydrocarbon residues and even bomb fragments. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps Short-wave ultraviolet lamps can be used for disinfection and sterilization. Ultraviolet rays can damage biological tissues. Therefore, ultraviolet rays can be used to disinfect air, water and surfaces very effectively. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps can be used in hospitals, hot tubs and aquariums, water treatment facilities, and even toothbrush cleaners. Admission tickets (stamped) for other applications of the Ziguang flashlight. The organizer of the event uses a special seal on the admission ticket, which is visible under the purple flashlight. Use this method to put an end to the black light art of forging tickets. Artists can use fluorescent pigments and dyes to make the work visible under black light to increase the artistic effect. Ultraviolet lamps can also be used to enhance visible light artworks and ultraviolet highlighters. UV highlighters are sometimes sold as invisible inks. Various invisible inks can be made at home. Ultraviolet highlighters use brighteners or fluorescent agents to restore ink handwriting through ultraviolet flashlight irradiation. This makes them very suitable for children to send secret spy messages. UV pens can also be used to mark items. UV makeup. If the party you are going to has ultraviolet lights, you can use cosmetics with special fluorescent agents in advance to add fun to the dance or party.
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