The manufacturer introduces the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamps

by:Tepro     2021-05-24
The manufacturer introduces the use method of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp, which uses lower steam to be excited to emit ultraviolet light. Its emission spectrum is mainly linear, which is invisible to the naked eye. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are widely used in hospitals, schools, cinemas, offices, homes, etc. It can purify the air, eliminate musty odors, and generate certain negative oxygen ions. The room sterilized by ultraviolet rays will provide fresh air. In public places, ultraviolet disinfection lamps can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through the surface of objects. At present, the germicidal lamps sold on the market are all low-pressure mercury lamps. Low-pressure mercury lamps mainly have two glass materials: quartz glass and high boron glass. The UV transmittance and radiation intensity of quartz glass are higher than those of high boron glass. Therefore, it is recommended that quartz glass should be selected when buying germicidal lamps. The market is mixed. The average consumer cannot distinguish the difference between quartz glass and high boron glass. What's more, some manufacturers use ordinary glass instead. The ultraviolet light penetration knife is not as high as expected, and it cannot penetrate ordinary glass. glass. Therefore, when buying, be sure to ask what kind of material it is. Don't be greedy for cheap, thinking that it can be sterilized by lighting up the light. In fact, it may not be effective at all, and the silver is wasted. As mentioned above, the penetration of ultraviolet rays is not particularly strong, and the dust and oil stains on the lamp tube will affect its penetration. Therefore, before use, use gauze moistened with 75% alcohol to wipe off oil stains, hand sweat and dust. To make the lamp play its best role, the lamp tube should be wiped regularly during use to ensure its function and better protect us. Ultraviolet rays have a strong killing power on bacteria and have certain damage to the human body. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye, so you should not use the eye to look directly at the lamp at any time to avoid injury. When it is necessary to see, use ordinary glass or light-transmitting plastic sheet as a protective mask. Do not use quartz glass wrongly. Because ordinary glass is almost completely impenetrable to ultraviolet rays. Once injured, there is no need to panic. Face burns. After a few days, the epidermis will fall off and heal without medicine. If the eye is injured, it will be red, swollen, tearful, and tingling. It takes about three or four days to heal. In any case, in the event of injury, it is recommended to seek medical advice immediately.
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