The manufacturer introduces the principle of UV lamp control

by:Tepro     2021-05-23
The manufacturer introduces the principle of ultraviolet lamp control. Among many disinfection products at present, ultraviolet light is one of the common methods of sterilization and disinfection. The ultraviolet lamp in the disinfection cabinet has the same control principle as our daily household fluorescent lamp, the difference lies in the different spectrum. To drive the lamp to light up, it must be equipped with a ballast of corresponding power. There are generally two types of ballasts: inductive ballasts and electronic ballasts. The traditional inductive ballast has only two wires, which has the advantages of high reliability and long life, but it also has the disadvantages of large weight, high power consumption, noise and flickering of fluorescent lamps, especially in lower voltage applications. In the electrical environment, its shortcomings that it is difficult or even impossible to start are particularly prominent. With the development and maturity of electronic technology, electronic ballasts that can make up for the above shortcomings have been widely used in recent years. Compared with traditional inductive ballasts, electronic ballasts have the following advantages: a. Significant power-saving effect. Its power-saving features are mainly manifested in: increase light output and improve lighting efficiency; low power consumption; high power factor . b. Small size, light weight, no flicker, no noise. c. Can realize low voltage start. The fault judgment of the lamp: 1) Check whether the two ends of the lamp are blackened. 2) Use a multimeter to measure the two pins of the same end of the lamp. They should be in a short-circuit state; related products: UV lamps
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