The lamp when using the matters needing attention

by:Tepro     2020-07-07

in our daily life that you could see the figure of ultraviolet lamp, now on the market for example, of a kind of household air disinfection lamp it is uv light, it is to use a uv disinfection and sterilization work role. But everybody don't know, this if not in accordance with the right operation method to use, will cause a certain degree of harm to human body.

in now on the market sell the uv light from the appearance of the home is and we usually use fluorescent lamp is no different, but their function is not the same. Ultraviolet (uv) the first time is used for medicine and food industries of disinfection equipment, then gradually develop to the disinfection in the home appliances.

if the home is to use ultraviolet lamp for air disinfection, should be to Windows and doors shut and are not allowed to someone in the house, this is because ultraviolet light is as a harm to human body, especially for eyes.

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