The lamp use should pay attention to what matters?

by:Tepro     2020-07-28

it is strictly prohibited in some environments, professional for uv intensity monitoring protection should be paid attention to.

use the intensity of ultraviolet radiation monitoring in 70 or less (including w/cm2 or use 2000 h bulbs should be changed.

bulb surface cleaning, general with sterile cotton swab to wipe once a week.

the items surface disinfection to illuminate the surface monitoring direct illuminate, and enough exposure dose.

note that use 220 v voltage, fluctuations in 220 v + 5 v, should be used when the monitoring datum ballast ( GB / T10682) Testing at room temperature to 250 c + 10 c; Environmental humidity 40% plus or minus 10%;

uv germicidal lamp for quartz glass manufacturing, pay attention to the light moving light, fire protection moistureproof, placed in ventilated, dry place.

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