The lamp is how to work?

by:Tepro     2020-07-06

ultraviolet light in mercury discharge tube: suspended mercury vapor this inert gas, consists of two electrodes and a quartz tube of insulator. Mercury in 254 nanometers and 310 nanometers and 366 nanometers to reach the highest point, radiation between 200 and 400 nm. Quartz cut lower wavelength, don't send any less than 230 nm radiation. Each atom consists of a nucleus, in many electronic floating in a fixed orbit around it. By increasing the energy ( Electricity) Electrons are in a higher orbit. Each of these elements according to the trend of a return to its original state. Electronic will before its orbital retreat: excessive energy as a photon.

the most common use of ultraviolet lamp is electricity made of medium pressure mercury arc lamp or MPMA lamp. It can be produced into the length of a few millimeters to more than 2 m. The life of these lights from 1000 to 2500 hours. Tubes made of quartz, as this is transmit ultraviolet light and endure 6 at the same time to the high temperature of 800 ° C the only material. Tubes will have a little swelling and do have a high melting point temperature ( 1100°C) Electrodes made from tungsten wire: production process is very complicated. Use tungsten, because the temperature of the curve can be increased to more than 3000 ° C. With molybdenum electrodes to connect and power lines, can swell with quartz. And still can endure high voltage when heating. Light finally put on a ceramic, aluminum, bakelite lamp holder or docking high temperature silicone line, etc. Often because the current supply insufficient MPMA lamp, uv lamp is usually to form a complete set of ballast.

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