The influence factors of ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilization effect

by:Tepro     2020-06-24
According to the different biological and ultraviolet germicidal lamp effect, ultraviolet ray can be divided into several band form, roughly divided into four, the third band can remove the bacteria in the water and all kinds of virus, will be one of the DNA structure damage, make its final loss of activity, indirectly blocked the ability of DNA replication and spread disease, c-band ultraviolet are generally used in water treatment in China. One, the influence factors of ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection effect microbial factors: including their sensitivity to uv far different microorganisms. Content of organic matter in water: the water contains many bacteria, reduces the ultraviolet ray sterilization ability, impurities in wastewater. Water quality indexes, including the concentration of suspended solids and a variety of testing water quality indicators, all these factors have direct relationship with light transmittance. Environment and fluid mechanics factors: including water temperature and water flow rate and so on has the close relation. Second, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp ultraviolet disinfection method has the advantages of other disinfection methods irreplaceable advantage, because in the whole process of disinfection will not appear any toxic substances, equipment is extremely simple, fully realize the automatic device. In addition, ultraviolet disinfection range is very wide, including water plant water disinfection disinfection in middle water recycle, sometimes used in the home of small water sterilizer, etc. Because of ultraviolet disinfection convenient and efficient fast, become some sent to foreign countries more high-end disinfection method. Three, used for water disinfection of equipment for uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp effective dose is the core content of ultraviolet disinfection equipment design. So the manufacturer must determine the best actual usage, and carries on the precise disinfection.
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