The important role of led monitoring fill light in urban intelligent traffic monitoring system

by:Tepro     2021-03-21
The urban intelligent traffic monitoring system is divided into high-definition electronic police system and high-definition smart bayonet system according to its functions. According to the tasks it needs to achieve, it includes the following contents: Electronic security monitoring license plate recognition and barrier LED fill light 1. Provide picture monitoring, vehicle Query, violation query, intelligent research and judgment, deployment control, traffic statistics analysis. 2. Real-time picture monitoring of road vehicle information, synchronized picture overlay time, capture location, license plate number, license plate coloring, body color, device name, vehicle speed, speed limit, lane, red light time, and captured serial number, etc.; 3. Support bayonet Real-time refresh and stop refresh operation of vehicle information; support a variety of vehicle research and judgment modes such as first time, frequent, high-risk time, and support vehicle behavior analysis and query modes such as interval, collision, companion car, and licensed car. 4. Real-time monitoring of traffic road conditions, providing identification of vehicle number plate characters, vehicle color recognition, vehicle body color recognition, vehicle speed detection and other bayonet functions, while also providing red light running, driving off lanes, lane changes illegally, retrograde, compaction ) Line and other functions support deployment control by entering information such as license plate number, vehicle owner information, body color, body length, vehicle type, license plate color, deployment control organization and general editing unit, deployment control type, deployment control contact, deployment time and other information. 1. The high-definition electronic police system can be widely used in unattended intersections, single lanes, no traffic, time-limited roads, main and auxiliary road entrances and exits, bus lanes, illegal speeding, line pressure, lane change, etc. Use scientific and technological means to achieve powerful monitoring and management of violations. The high-definition electronic police system is composed of junction front-end equipment, network transmission system and central management system. (1) Front-end equipment at intersections: The front-end equipment at intersections is mainly composed of video capture uv water purifier equipment (HD smart cameras, LED electronic police lights). Among them, LED monitoring fill light: the auxiliary light source adopts LED strobe light, and the photosensitive control module is designed to automatically start. When the ambient light is lower than the preset brightness, the light source will automatically turn on to fill the camera with light to ensure the night camera effect. The light-emitting device is a high-power LED, and the mean time between failures: MTBF≥30000 hours. (2) Network transmission system: It mainly undertakes the task of transmitting the illegal vehicle information recorded by the front-end equipment to the back-end management center. At the same time, the operator can use the remote management software on the central platform to remotely manage the front-end equipment, monitor the status and set the equipment parameters through the network. (3) Central management system: It mainly realizes remote management of front-end intersection uv water purifier equipment of electronic police, network monitoring, processing of captured images and data, and punishment of illegal vehicles, and fully considers the compatibility of interfaces with other traffic management software systems . (4) System function (1) Video detection vehicle function: LED monitoring fill light will fill the license plate light at night, increase the accuracy of video detection based on the principle of license plate reflection, and solve the problem of pedestrians, bicycles, and large vehicles. . (2) Snapshot function of running red light; (3) Snapshot of illegal activities such as violating prohibition order and violating prohibition marking; (4) Bayonet function (5) License plate recognition function; (6) Vehicle type and color recognition 2. HD smart bayonet system HD smart card The entrance monitoring and management system is an important part of the safe city system. Through the installation of high-definition smart bayonet systems in key locations such as inter-provincial, inter-city, urban trunk roads, major traffic arteries, main entrances and exits, expressways, toll stations, etc. High-level recording and monitoring of passing vehicles, monitoring of traffic violations, and organic integration with road monitoring, not only can clearly monitor the traffic information of the vehicles driving on the monitored road, the appearance of the vehicle, the license plate number, the facial features of the front passenger and passenger, etc. Carry out all-weather, uninterrupted automatic collection, transmission and processing.
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