The guangdong water treatment equipment derusting method you know?

by:Tepro     2020-12-06
How to cleaning? Guangdong water treatment equipment below small make up to you to discuss about; One, for cleaning the proportions stipulated by the need to pay attention to use to allocate, in a few minutes can quickly remove grease, still can form insoluble phosphate film; It can improve powder adhesion and corrosion resistance. 2, about ultrasonic rinse to note, equipment is to use & other; Pervasive throughout the &; The characteristics and & other; Cavitation & throughout; , difficult to remove dirt, which can be removed for cracks and dirt can remove some corner, three, for the ultrasonic cleaning process parameters adjustment need to pay attention to, in a certain range, as long as they are trying to improve the intensity of ultrasonic enhanced obviously these effects. Above is the guangdong water treatment equipment derusting method, hope this article can bring you help. The technical features of guangdong water treatment equipment you know?
what are the technical features of pure uv water purifier? Guangdong water treatment equipment below small make up to you to discuss about; A, under the condition of room temperature using physical method will be in addition to salt water desalination or salt, so that can go out of the water colloid, organic matter, bacteria and viruses. Second, select automatic pretreatment system, can realize unmanned operation, using import reverse osmosis membrane desalination can prolong service life. Third, online water quality detection and can detect the change of water quality and water quality can ensure the safe use of. Four, the equipment of area is relatively small, and the use of space is small, equipment in operation and maintenance on equipment maintenance workload is less. Five, the water treatment depends on the water pressure for the driving force for, on many process is relatively low. Six, don't need a lot of chemicals and handled by acid, alkali. That is the technical characteristics of pure uv water purifier, hope this article can bring you help.
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