The Food Place UV Sterilizer Lamp Disinfect

The Food Place UV Sterilizer Lamp Disinfect


UV Sterilizer Lamp is a very common way of killing viruses in food.Food processing place refers to: food production and processing workshop, especially the processing of direct imported food workshop. The sanitary quality and microorganisms of the air in these processing sites are the main reasons for the decrease of food contamination. We use uv sterilizer lamp and fumigation to disinfect the air in these places.

UV Sterilizer Lamp

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    UV Sterilizer Lamp and disinfection

The uv sterilizer lamp currently used is short-wave UV at 253.7 nm wavelength. Uv sterilizer lamp is a kind of low energy electromagnetic radiation, which can produce excitation effect. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization is the death of microbial cell nucleic acid, plasma protein and enzyme chemical changes. Uv sterilizer lamp has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and can kill a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, spores and fungi.

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Uv sterilizer lamp must choose the appropriate wavelength and need to have sufficient sterilization time, UV sterilizer lamp ability is poor, so it must be directly irradiated to the surface of microorganisms or objects to play a bactericidal role. Since ultraviolet rays can penetrate clear, transparent water, they can be used for disinfection of production water. In addition, the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays is affected by temperature (suitable for 20-40 degrees Celsius), humidity (less than 60%), suspended matter, organic matter, etc.

Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the human body, and such devices are only suitable for use when no one is present.

Uv sterilizer lamps are of special significance to the sterilization of the surface of objects, such as the working table used in food processing sites, containers and surfaces of paper and clothing that must be sterilized. But the UV penetration performance is poor, can only kill the microorganisms that can be irradiated, there is no bactericidal effect on the parts that cannot be irradiated. To the tool, the surface of the object disinfection, must be cleaned to remove dirt, or the bactericidal effect will be reduced. The installation of Uv sterilizer lamp should be about 1 meter away from the sterilized material, and the effective disinfection area is 1.5 meters-2 meters around the lamp tube, the time is 30 minutes.


UV Sterilizer Lamp VS Fumigation and disinfection

Fumigation disinfection is to use disinfection drug gas or smoke, in a closed space to achieve the purpose of disinfection. This method can be used for indoor air disinfection(contaminated air)or for treating contaminated surfaces. The food production and business site shall be subject to fumigation and disinfection regularly to ensure the freshness of the production site and air.

Peracetic acid fumigation, peracetic acid (peracetic acid) as a high-efficiency sterilizer. For colorless transparent liquid, irritating smell, volatile. Boiling point 110 degrees Celsius, strong corrosive, bleaching effect.

Peroxyacetic acid fumigation disinfection is suitable for sealed indoor contaminated surface treatment. The commonly used peracetic acid is 20% solution, the use environment is suitable at 20 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 70-90%, the use dose is 1G/M3 peracetic acid, and the fumigation time is 60-90 minutes. After reaching the specified time, ventilate and exhaust. 

Precautions for UV Sterilizer Lamp disinfection

1. Ultraviolet rays can only be transmitted in a straight line with weak penetration. Any paper, leaded glass and plastic will greatly reduce the irradiation intensity. When because this disinfects, should make disinfects the place to expose adequately below ultraviolet ray as far as possible.

2. Wipe the lamp tube regularly. In use process, should keep lamp tube surface clean, wipe once a week with alcohol cotton ball, discover lamp tube surface has dust, grease should wipe at any time, lest affect ultraviolet ray penetrates rate and illuminate intensity.

3. Indoor air disinfection: it is required not less than 1.5w per ㎡, irradiation time not less than 30min, lamp tube distance from the ground is less than 2m. The room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature is lower than 20℃ or higher than 40℃ and the relative humidity is more than 60%, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately.

4. Object surface disinfection: the lamp tube shall not be more than 1 meter away from the object surface, and the irradiated surface shall be directly irradiated, and an adequate dose of irradiation shall be achieved (up to 100000uw. s/cm when killing bacterial spores).

5, in the use of UV Sterilizer Lamp irradiation disinfection, should prohibit the presence of people, in order to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet rays on the eyes and skin and injuries, not to use the eyes directly lit the tube. PS: there is no need to worry about the small UV Sterilizer Lamp used in restaurants and homes to kill mosquitoes.

6, in the site of personnel activities, generally do not use ozone lamp tube, because ozone will promote the human hemoglobin coagulation, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the human body, dizziness, nausea, affect the health, especially in the ozone concentration of >0.3 PPM (mg/m), will cause harm to the human body.

7. Ultraviolet radiation has a killing effect on organic cells. Please do not expose pets and plants to it for a long time.

8. do not use the uv lamp as a floodlight, disinfection time 30 minutes to 1 hour is appropriate, do not advocate a long time to open the uv lamp.

9. After sterilizing the room, please open the window for more than 5 minutes.

10.The lamp tube has a general life of 1000 hours, and the radiation intensity is monitored once every half a year. It should be replaced when it is lower than 70uw/cm.

11. damaged or used lamp tubes do not put next to people, also do not throw into the water, so as not to pollute the water source.

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