The five points of reverse osmosis equipment maintenance, you will know!

by:Tepro     2020-12-07
uv water purifierindustry developed rapidly in the market. RO pure water machine can also be referred to as reverse osmosis pure water machine. Reverse osmosis pure uv water purifier, mainly the use of reverse osmosis membrane for water desalination processing. Daily use this pure water equipment, will encounter many kinds of situation, how to keep? Salt water rate decreased when the device, the water through the amount will double instead. So, how to master the use of reverse osmosis pure water machine skills? 1, enzymatic detergent, with enzymatic detergent film processing, the organic matter pollution, especially for protein, oil and other organic pollutants are particularly effective, if in 50 ℃ - Cleaning effect better under 60 ℃, average after running for ten days or half a month with 1% of the enzyme detergent to a membrane cleaning under low pressure, due to the enzymatic detergent concentration is low, so requires dipping time is longer. 2, citric acid solution, under high pressure or low pressure, with 1% 2% of citric acid aqueous solution for continuous or circulation of membrane, the method of Fe ( 哦) 3 pollution has good cleaning effect. 3, strong brine, the body pollution serious membrane used in concentrated brine cleaning is effective, this is due to the high concentration of salt water can decrease the interaction between colloidal, promote colloidal condensed to form micelles. 4, hydrogen peroxide solution, such as 0. 5 l, with 30% H2O2 with 12 l deionized water dilution, and then clean the membrane surface, this method is particularly effective to organic pollution. 5, water-soluble emulsion, used for cleaning contaminated with oil and iron oxide film is very effective, 30 - general cleaning 60 minutes.
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