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The Effectiveness Of Aquarium UV Sterilizers Depends On Those Factors


Aquarium UV Sterilizer

An aquarium UV sterilizer is a water filtration device that uses an ultraviolet light bulb to kill free-floating microorganisms in the water. Parasites, viruses, algae and bacteria (good and bad) are the types of things that are "killed" by passing through the UV disinfection unit. UV disinfectors can be used in swimming pools, liquid plants (such as beer) and home aquariums. Some large water purification centers use some kind of UV disinfection for effluent water. These sterilizers are also sometimes used in outdoor ponds to help control algae growth, and they seem to do a good job.

When using a UV sterilizer in a home aquarium, the UV unit should be placed at the end of the filtration line. You want to filter the aquarium water mechanical filter first then run the water through the UV unit before putting it back into the tank. By removing the solids from the aquarium water first with a mechanical filter (canister filter, etc.), you are helping your UV unit get the most efficiency out of its operation.

The effectiveness of any sterilizer depends on the wattage of the UV bulb, the life of the UV bulb, the cleanliness of the quartz sleeve, and the flow rate of the unit.

Aquarium UV Sterilizers

Aquarium UV Sterilizers

I. Aquarium UV Sterilizer Bulbs

The effectiveness of the bulb will diminish with time and use. Manufacturers usually recommend replacing bulbs after 6 months. You can find bulbs anywhere from 8 watts to 130 watts. The higher the wattage of the lamp, the more effective it usually is. If you have a lower wattage unit, then you will want to have a lower flow rate to take full advantage of the unit.

Second, aquarium UV sterilizer flow rate

The flow rate of the unit is an important consideration. Flow rates are measured in gallons per hour (gph) or liters per hour (lph). While higher flow rates are acceptable for killing algae and some bacteria, lower flow rates are often required for killing parasites. For example, a 15-watt bulb will typically kill algae and bacteria at a flow rate of 120 gph, but you will need to reduce the flow rate to about 75 gph to effectively kill parasites. Read the manufacturer's recommendations for effective bulb wattage and flow rate for your particular device.

Third, keep the quartz casing clean

One thing some amateurs forget is the quartz sleeve that the UV bulb slips into. You must clean the quartz sleeve regularly to remove any buildup to keep the sterilizer running at high efficiency. Better sterilizer units have a wiper with a handle that allows you to clean the sleeve quickly and easily without disassembling the sterilizer.

Fourthly.  Where can I buy a UV sterilizer?

UV sterilizers can now be found at your local pet store, and they can definitely be found online. Look for good deals on used ones on some auction sites. Because they are expensive, you should research the units you are interested in before investing in them. Use a search engine to find reviews on tropical fish forums (we have a good one here about fishing knowledge, for tips) and discussion boards. Since you usually need to replace a bulb every 6 months or so, know how much it will cost to replace one. It may be helpful to comparison shop for the price of a replacement bulb.

Fifth. Do I really need a UV sterilizer for my aquarium?

Indoor use freshwater aquariums are so well filtered and maintained that you really don't need one. Hobbyists of marine water may have a good reason to get one, as many marine species are very expensive. However, most hobbyists really don't need one if they do it right. Doing things right means using quarantine aquariums for newcomers and frequent performers aquarium maintenance.

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