The difference between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

by:Tepro     2020-12-08
Ultrafiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane is a pressure membrane separation technology, namely under certain pressure, make a small molecule solute and solvent through a certain aperture of a special film, and make the macromolecular solute can't through, stay in the film, which results the macromolecular material part of the purification. Ultrafiltration technology has the advantage of simple operation, low cost, no need to add any chemical reagent, especially the ultrafiltration technology condition of experiment, mild compared with evaporation, freeze drying, no phase change, and do not cause the change of temperature, pH, and thus can prevent the degeneration of biological macromolecules, inactivation and autolysis. In the preparation of biological macromolecules, the ultrafiltration is mainly used for biological macromolecules of desalting and dehydration and concentration, etc. Ultrafiltration method also has certain limitations, it can not directly get dry powder preparation. For protein solution, normally only 10 ~ 50% concentration. Home can be used in industry. Ultrafiltration technology is the key to the membrane. Film has a variety of different types and specifications, can choose according to the needs of work. Nf: nanofiltration, between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis ro reverse osmosis between reverse osmosis. Now mainly used for water desalination or industry. The desalination rate above ninety percent. Ro reverse osmosis ro reverse osmosis desalting rate is above 99% but, if the water quality requirement is not particularly high, using nanofiltration nf nanofiltration nanofiltration can save a lot of cost. Ro: reverse osmosis is the use of differential pressure gauge for dynamic membrane filtration technology, originated in the us aerospace science and technology research in the 1960 s, after gradually into civil, has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverage, water desalination, etc. Used as hyper, uv water purifier and distilled water preparation; Alcohol manufacturing and the degree of water; In the early period of the medicine, electronic industries water preparation; Chemical process of enrichment, separation, purification and preparation of water distribution; Boiler make-up water in addition to salt water softening; Seawater, brackish water desalination; Paper making, water and wastewater treatment of electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industries.
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