The difference between imported electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts

by:Tepro     2021-06-01
The ballast is mainly to rectify the input current to make the frequency more stable, limit the starting current of the lamp, stabilize the working current of the lamp, and ensure a certain life of the lamp. However, with the explosive development of industrialization, at present, imported electronic ballasts have begun to be used in many industries. What is the difference between these two? Please follow the editor to explain it for you. Imported electronic ballasts have good starting performance, high power factor, low power consumption, no noise, no flicker, but the service life of inductive ballasts is not as good as inductive ballasts. Inductive ballasts are not easy to start at low temperatures and are in use There is a nasty buzz. Compared with electronic ballasts, its volume is relatively large, and weight may not be the main advantage. The heat generated is also great, and there may also be a fire hazard. It is relatively inefficient in use. However, the imported electronic ballast has restrained these shortcomings. It works very quietly and does not disturb our rest. Relatively small, light weight, good for logistics and transportation, and easy to store. In addition, there is an automatic shutdown mechanism for overheating and a shutdown mechanism for bulb failure, which can avoid fires to a large extent, and it is safer now. But its price is more expensive than magnetic ballast. However, in response to industry demand, more and more industries are trying or beginning to use ultraviolet disinfection lamps. This is something other ballasts cannot do, and only imported electronic ballasts can do it. I don't know if you have any understanding of imported electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts through the introduction of the editor, do you have a different understanding of them. However, everything will have advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on how everyone weighs it. If you have any questions, Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a short answer at any time!
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