The difference between amalgam light and ultraviolet light

by:Tepro     2020-07-16

if you pay attention to health, so you must have heard of amalgam lamps. It is also a kind of uv light, but is different from common ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp life is very long, big power. Its use range is very wide, wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment, oxygen light catalytic devices are applied to amalgam lamps.

amalgam lamps has the following advantages:

1, using solid mercury after tubes breakage for recycling, at the same time solid mercury almost do not produce mercury vapor at room temperature, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Especially the family environment and industrial environment. Because of its high population density are the two environment, reveal the mercury vapor liquid mercury pollution will bring serious consequences, while solid mercury can avoid this kind of accident.

2, due to solid mercury can accurately weigh the use amount of mercury, so the use of mercury in weight is more accurate, were also more likely to use less mercury, mercury won't produce because of inaccurate measurement to use too much. But the use of liquid mercury UVC lamp unable to accurately weigh the use amount of liquid mercury, so the use of mercury quantity is generally solid dosage of mercury lamp mercury several times to dozens times dosage.

3, solid mercury in use process with precise control of mercury vapor pressure, combined with solid amalgam of mercury vapor has strong adsorption properties, so even if the tubes are damaged in the process of using, because mercury mercury vapor by adsorption on solid basic point location, therefore, relative to the mercury vapour collection, thus, solid mercury pollution to the environment is under control. While liquid mercury in use process all into a mercury vapor, if there is damage the tubes, all mercury vapor will evaporate into the air, causing serious air pollution.

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