The difference between a black light and uv light

by:Tepro     2020-06-29
What is a black light?

a black light can usually refers to the wavelength of 365 nm long wave ultraviolet lamp, because the wavelengths of light are usually using the filter ultraviolet lamp as light source, the light to visible light is issued by the screen uv lamp very little part, mainly is 320 - 400 nm band of light, the human eye can't identify the band, so everyone is often referred to as the band of light as a black light, original from screen uv lamp USES is low pressure mercury lamp, but with the development of science and technology, since the screen ultraviolet lamp facing elimination, so most of the band now adopted uv led as light source, 365 nm uv led output band is very narrow, most is 360 - 370 nm, the band is rarely used color filter filter visible light. Most original a black light from the screen is used in the agriculture trap a black light and industrial NDT inspection a black light.

what is the lamp?

uv lamp refers to the light source can emit ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light is divided into far ultraviolet (uv) and 254 nm uvb radiation, 302 uvb rays, 365 nm long wave ultraviolet ray, so the uv lamp has a deep uv lamp, short-wave ultraviolet lamp, uvb rays light and long wave ultraviolet light. Different wavelength uv light have different purposes, short-wave ultraviolet lamp is mainly used for sterilization and fluorescence analysis of chemical experiments, and the ore testing. Uvb rays lamp is mainly used in the chemical experiment of gel fluorescence analysis and the treatment of vitiligo skin. Long wave ultraviolet lamp is widely used, such as: fluorescence detection, forensic fingerprint identification, blood, body fluid testing, security testing, leakage and shadowless glue detection, cure and fluorescence.

short-wave ultraviolet lamp USES:

uvb radiation on microorganisms ( Pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spores) Radiation damage and destroy the function of the nucleic acid kill microorganisms, thus achieve the purpose of disinfection. Ultraviolet (uv) on the function of nucleic acids can lead to the key and chain rupture, crosslinking and photochemical products, etc. , between stocks which changed the biological activity of DNA, the microbe itself cannot be copied, this uv damage is also fatal injuries. So short wave ultraviolet lamp is widely used for sterilization.

used in central air conditioning of short-wave ultraviolet germicidal lamp

so, according to the people used to think that a black light is a kind of uv lamp, uv lamp is ultraviolet (uv) light source contains each band, and a black light refers to long-wave ultraviolet lamp.

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