The development of uv disinfector in water treatment industry

by:Tepro     2020-03-27
UV ultraviolet sterilizing water treatment is the world recognized green sterilization method, ultraviolet sterilization function has a purely physical characteristics, is different from other chemical disinfection sterilization method, will not produce secondary pollution to water or change the object's chemical and physical properties. Widely used in pure water, pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies such as sterilization treatment of surface water body or object has a good effect! As people living standard rise further, the strengthening of health consciousness, ultraviolet disinfection technology application in the drinking water will be more and more common, it also can promote the further development of uv technology and product innovation. A, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology: cell reproduction, the DNA of long chain opened, after opening each long chain units will be looking for A long T cell commissure, each of the long chain can be cloned from just another long chain of the same chain, to restore the original split before full strands of DNA, as the foundation of new cells. Wavelength - in 240 270 nm ultraviolet ray can break the ability of the production of protein and DNA replication. Cells, viral DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid) And RNA ( Ribonucleic acid) Destroyed after the microbial cell walls to oxidation damage, its ability to produce proteins and reproductive capacity have been lost. Because of bacteria, viruses typically short life cycle, breeding of bacteria and viruses will quickly die. Second, ultraviolet disinfection classification: (1) according to the processing object, including sewage treatment, urban water supply treatment, drinking water treatment, water treatment, etc. ; (2) according to the action principle, disinfection, sterilization, decomposition and other light reaction; (3) according to the method of use, there is a direct put lights on the water, known as the immersion; The lamp in the casing, known as flow; The current mainstream products with over current. (4) for high-grade ultraviolet disinfection products, over current method of disinfection sterilization system not only complex, also need to be equipped with complicated control system, such as the intensity of ultraviolet detector, time when tired, ultraviolet lamp automatic monitoring, fault alarm, sound and light alarm system. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in water treatment is mainly used in the sterilization function, such as over current equipment working principle: by the velocity of the pump pressure can flow through the transparent uv quartz sleeve periphery, the lamp of 254 nm uv for water disinfection and sterilization.
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