The detection principle of ultraviolet ozone sterilization device to assay

by:Tepro     2020-03-17
In today's life, more and more high-tech water treatment equipment come into our lives, including ultraviolet ozone sterilization device. Because of their existence, made no small contribution to our environmental governance, and brought us a lot of convenience. Ultraviolet ozone sterilization equipment principle of the detection assay with ultraviolet sterilization lamp uv output of a photoelectric parameters, it can measure the strength of the uv lamp output energy. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps at the same time the disinfection performance is not only dependent on the output of the uv lamp energy, should also consider the distance between uv lamp, uv lamp aging coefficient and uv lamp scaling coefficient, casing pipe size, the design of the sterilizer and deal with the water quality and so on. So, ultraviolet radiation sterilization disinfection in Beijing water treatment equipment engineering performance can be determine by biological assay method. Actual disinfection performance of ultraviolet disinfection equipment, effective dose should be by uv, uv lamp aging coefficient, uv lamp tube fouling coefficient of relevant experiments to verify. And biological assay is to determine the ultraviolet disinfection equipment can realize uv effective dose of experimental verification. Can also determine the degree of inactivated microorganisms after ultraviolet irradiation, and the testing results and the known of the microbial standard uv dose response curve comparison, thus determine the dose of disinfection equipment can realize, is the equipment uv effective dose. We know the biological assay has now become the evaluation and comparison of different ultraviolet disinfection filtration equipment under various operating conditions and water quality conditions, realize effective doses of ultraviolet (uv) detection method. In the case of general ultraviolet disinfection cleaning can be divided into manual cleaning, mechanical cleaning, mechanical and chemical cleaning of different methods, such as, more suitable for use in reverse osmosis water treatment engineering of mechanical and chemical cleaning method. Above all, on the basic principle of ultraviolet disinfection, are widely used in our life, in order to let us in after application of can no longer blindly requires us to learn more.
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