The correct way of using the uv lamp

by:Tepro     2020-03-18
Reasonable cooling of uv lamp, uv lamp to achieve maximum output power, usually the lamp on the surface of the body surface temperature will be up to several hundred degrees Celsius, therefore, when designing cooling air volume must be reasonable, otherwise will directly affect the normal output of uv lamp, air volume is too big, the lamp may point can not bright or light but did not reach the maximum output power; Air volume is too low, the uv lamp is not a good cooling, light long time excessive heat, may appear light body, electrodes were black, eventually shorten its service life; Whether tested periodically exhaust wind path unobstructed; Uv lamp 1, reasonable matching of the correct way of using the reflection system: according to the user for uv light intensity is different, configuration of the reflector equipment manufacturer can also be different, therefore, in order to ensure the light intensity index, in addition to regularly clean the lamp body, clean reflector is also very necessary. 2, regular rotation: uv lamp can be good to keep the shape of the tube and stable output; 3, tube produced by high pressure mercury vapor discharge strong long wave radiation (purple The main line to 365 nm) ; Strong ultraviolet ray can burn the eyes and skin, use should be avoided in the light of direct illuminate; 4, tube accidental damage, leading to the mercury vapour distribution, field personnel must leave immediately, make continuous ventilation 20 - at the scene 30 minutes, to prevent the mercury vapour drawn into the body and cause poisoning; Safe to clear in time field, recycled materials can be reserved for the mercury; 5, each kind of ultraviolet germicidal lamp principle of its unique mechanical and electrical parameters, provide matching of driving power source is critical. Power transformer, capacitor or electronic circuits, when the choice must be matching with the parameters of the lamp; : 6, too frequently, light can lead to early to black on both ends of the tube, gradually affect the lamp body will turn black, the final results in the decrease of lamp output power; 7, avoid too often is the lamp of cold start, when a bulb light beginning, internal voltage is very low. On both ends of the electrodes in this period of time will emit tungsten, this will make many dot pollutants inside the tubes, as one of the reasons for the premature damage of the tubes, therefore, should be under the condition of high voltage lighting, lamps and shorter time; 8, the service life of tubes is influenced by many factors, such as: the number of lamps, and working time after every light, electricity and heat operation data, as well as to the tubes if properly handled, etc. , will affect the life of the lamp; Often, therefore, the life of the average life expectancy of guaranteed by the manufacturer; 9, ensure good environment of input power supply stability, if the use environment of power supply fluctuation range recommended with voltage regulator, to ensure the stable output of uv lamp
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