The content of the sewage treatment equipment operation management

by:Tepro     2020-12-19
The content of the sewage treatment plant sewage treatment equipment operation management has a lot of process facilities ( Or structures) And supporting production facilities. Production process equipment such as bar grille decontamination machine, pump, mixer, fan, chemical uv water purifier equipment, sludge thickener dewatering machine, mixed mixing equipment, air diffusion system, electric valve, etc. These process equipment failure will affect the operation of the sewage factory or shut down the factory. The operation of the sewage treatment plant equipment management, refers to equipment management of the whole production process, that is, from selection, installation, operation, maintenance and scrap the whole process of management. Therefore, the content of the equipment operation and management can be summarized as the following several main aspects. (1) selection of reasonable and safe use of uv water purifier equipment. Equipped with advanced technology, saving energy and reducing consumption of equipment, for example, according to the performance of the equipment, arrange the proper production tasks and load, create good working environment for equipment conditions; Arrangements with certain technical level and proficiency of the equipment operator. (2) equipment maintenance and repair work. (3) according to need and may, in a planned way for equipment upgrading. (4) improve the equipment acceptance, registration, custody, useless work. (5) establish equipment management archives. 6. Processing equipment accident. That is about the content of the equipment operation and management of content, more relevant content, please pay attention to our website.
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