The concept of the uv index and the uv index hierarchy

by:Tepro     2020-06-26
Ultraviolet rays, usually at night the uv index is 0, the tropical cloud or plateau area, sunny days, the uv rays, index of 15. Visible ultraviolet index value, the greater the ultraviolet radiation, the greater the damage to human body, said also said in a relatively short period of time the more damage to the skin. Sometimes the uv index can be divided into 5 levels, namely the index value of 0, 1, 2, 1, said the minimum amount of solar radiation in the ultraviolet, basic have no effect on the human body; The uv index for 3, 4, for level 2, said the ultraviolet ray in solar radiation amount is lower, the relatively small impact on the human body; When the uv index for 5, 6, can according to level 3, said ultraviolet radiation for medium strength, a certain degree of damage to human skin; The uv index for 7, 8, 9, can be regarded as grade 4, said the strong ultraviolet radiation, to human body harm is bigger, should pay attention to prevention; Should go out wearing a sun hat, sunglasses, or sunshade, can also be rubbed some sunscreen ( SPF index should be greater than 15) 。 When the uv index & ge; 10, can be represented as a level 5, ultraviolet radiation is strongest, most harmful to human body, it should reduce time ( Especially around noon) , or take a positive protection measures. Sterilizer ultraviolet disinfection lamps water treatment by the world health organization and the international commission on non-ionizing radiation prevention, the United Nations environment programme (unep) and the world meteorological organization jointly formulated by the uv index is internationally recognized standard measure of ultraviolet radiation intensity. Uv index levels from 1 to 11, one magnitude, the lowest grade 11 above as dangerous level. Usually, the uv index of 0 in the night, tropical, plateau area, sunny days when the uv index, and even can reach 15. The higher the uv index, the stronger the ultraviolet radiation, the higher risk. Citizens in outdoor activities, want to always keep an eye on the latest uv index forecast, and adopt appropriate sun protection. In general, human skin's response to ultraviolet light, main show is in the acute reaction: 1) Cause skin redness, pain. 2) Tanning effects, this is because when the skin by ultraviolet light, the body of melanin cells in the epidermis layer began to produce melanin to absorb ultraviolet light and to prevent skin damage. 3) Increasing the thickness of epidermis. In terms of chronic response is: 1) Aging, chronic exposure to ultraviolet rays, can lead to accelerated aging of the skin. 2) Precancerous and cancerous changes. The world health organization says, ultraviolet (uv) radiation is a major cause of skin cancer and cataracts from all over the world. Relevant data shows, Australia in every 100000 people, 800 people getting skin cancer. Numbers for every 100000 people in the United States there are 250 people getting skin cancer. Sunbathing in prevalent in the United States and Canada, new skin cancer patients more than 1 million people a year. The two countries have recently started using the world health organization (who), the uv index of global unity. So far, Argentina, Australia, the Czech republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland and other countries are adopting the index. Usually, tropical areas outside the sun elevation maximum uv rays, such as the summer at noon. The less the higher altitude atmosphere absorbs the sun's ultraviolet. In addition, close to the equator, the sky cloudless weather conditions such as uv intensity increased also. As a result, the world health organization recommends that under the condition of this kind of weather, people had better stay in the shade, around noon if must go out, you should wear sunglasses, hats and wear protective clothing, wide and daub on the exposed skin SPF sunscreen for at least 15. Because of the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the human body is a long-term accumulation, so people must begin to pay attention to prevent ultraviolet damage at an early age. Children particularly prone to sunburn, so parents don't let them stay for a long time in the sun. At ordinary times as long as people pay attention to listen to, watch the uv index forecast, can actively take measures to prevent ultraviolet damage to human body.
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