The composition of the dongguan water treatment equipment, you may not know!

by:Tepro     2020-12-15
Believe that everyone knows every item is made up by many small price, the same to the dongguan water treatment equipment, is the combination of other prices, is made of pure source below small make up for you will meet the composition of the dongguan water treatment equipment. 1, the original water tank, used to hold to deal with water, also can be omitted, direct use of the original water pump, the water pressure to water pressure, ensure that the water into the pretreatment system in time. 2, pretreatment system: consists of quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, Yin and Yang, or water softener or scale inhibitor dosing equipment, dosing pump. 3, the host system: the precision filter, high pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane of three parts. If it is a two-stage reverse osmosis, have intermediate tank and secondary reverse osmosis membrane. 4, the uv water purifier tank: for filtered water. The same as the original water tank, if it is drinking water in uv water purifier tank before the ozone generator. If you have any don't understand the place, welcome you to our company consulting or dial the hotline: 0769-23117311, we will answer one by one for you!
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