The classification of ultraviolet disinfection

by:Tepro     2020-03-28
According to the classification of ultraviolet ray: the different biological effects, could be divided into four bands: in accordance with the wavelength ultraviolet ray UVA wavelengths, wavelength of 320 ~ 400 nm, also known as long wave ultraviolet light shading effect. It has a strong penetration, can penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. Sunlight contains more than 98% of UVA rays can penetrate the ozone layer and the clouds reach the surface of the earth, UVA can direct the dermis of skin, destruction of elastic fibers and collagen fibers, to our skin. 360 nm wavelength ultraviolet UVA conforms to the phototaxis of insects response curve, trap lamp can be made up. 300 - 420 nm wavelength ultraviolet UVA can completely through special colored glass tubes as visible light, only radiation out of the 365 - nm centered near ultraviolet light, can be used for mineral identification, stage decoration, yanchao etc. 275 ~ 320 nm UVB wavelengths, wavelength, also known as the medium wave ultraviolet erythema effect. Medium penetration, its wavelength shorter part will be absorbed by transparent glass, most of uvb rays in sunlight is absorbed by the ozone layer, only less than 2% can reach the surface of the earth, in summer and in the afternoon will be particularly strong. UVB rays have erythema effect to human body, can promote the formation of mineral metabolism and vitamin D in the body, but long-term or excessive exposure can make skin, and cause swelling peeling. Ultraviolet (uv) care from light, plant growth lamp is to use special through the purple glass ( Not through the light) under 254 nm And peak near 300 nm phosphors. UVC wavelengths, wavelength of 100 ~ 275 nm, also known as the shortwave ultraviolet sterilization. It the penetrating power of the weak, cannot penetrate much of the transparent glass and plastic. Sunlight contains short-wave ultraviolet almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. Shortwave ultraviolet radiation to human body harm is very big, short time radiation can burn the skin, long or high strength still can cause skin cancer. is UVC short-wave ultraviolet radiation. UVD wavelengths, wavelength less than 100 nm, also known as vacuum ultraviolet light. The structure of ultraviolet disinfection lamp uv disinfection lamp ( The UV light) Actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp, and common fluorescent lamp, using low pressure mercury vapor ( 10 - 2Pa) Ultraviolet light is emitted after launch. Different is fluorescent lamp USES is common glass, 253. 7 nm ultraviolet ray can't come out, can only be absorbed phosphor tapped into visible light bulb. If change the composition and proportion of phosphor, it can we usually see different colors of light. General germicidal lamp tubes are made of quartz glass because of ultraviolet quartz glass each band has high transmittance, - 80% 90%, is the best material to do the uv lamp. Disinfection lamp has a hot cathode low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp, cold cathode low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and so on several kinds of structure, can according to the appearance and power can be divided into various types. Quartz glass and common glass there's a big difference in performance, mainly is the different thermal expansion coefficient, generally can't seal aluminum cap lamp holder, so the lamp holder of uv lamp material with bakelite and plastic or ceramic. The types of ultraviolet disinfection lamp uv sterilization lamp hair spectral lines are 254 nm and 185 nm. 254 nm by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria microbial DNA, 185 nm uv O2 in the air can be become O3 ( Ozone) , ozone has strong oxidation, can effectively kill bacteria, ozone diffuse offset due to ultraviolet ray propagation along a straight line only, just can be sterilized in a corner of faults. Quartz glass at the time of refining, if you add a sufficient number of titanium ( Ti) Elements, can make it through uv cut-off in under 200 nm, and 254 nm ultraviolet light through the basic no impact. Titanium content, appropriate control can effectively control the amount of escape 185 nm uv. According to this characteristic, we can make low ozone ( No ozone) Three ultraviolet disinfection, ozone and high ozone tubes.
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